Which CBD Affiliate Has The Best Compensation Plan?

Which CBD Affiliate Has The Best Compensation Plan

Looking to make extra income or engaging in a long-term income-generating occupation? You might want to try your luck on the CBD affiliate programs. These are performance-based marketing strategies in which the seller is paid on commission for every product sold or buyer attracted.

The sale of CDB is currently gaining acceptance and preference across the board. You might, therefore, want to consider enrolling in such a scheme. There are numerous CBD affiliates in operations at the moment.

Because you do not want to waste your time and generate the highest sales revenues possible, it is in your best interest to find the one that has the best ever compensation plan. We are here to help you out.

After thorough research, we have identified and narrowed down to six of the best programs of these kinds at the moment. We are going to discuss them one at a time by showcasing their strengths, benefits and the amount of money you might expect to make if you choose to enroll in their schemes.

We shall close the discussions by identifying the best program, all factors considered. It is our hope that you shall receive the guidance you badly need to make the best enrollment decision possible.


So, Who Has The Best Compensation!

The following are the best CDB affiliate programs to date from least to greatest based on Sales, Bonus Options & More:


HempMeds is a very trusted authority in the affiliate marketing industry. It provides one of the largest and far the most diverse product portfolio. This it does by way of its website that is optimized for easy access and navigation.

Examples of these products are soaps, body wash, bulk CBD oil, applicators, tincture, syrup, isolate, topicals, skin care, capsules, pets, and oils. This is not to mention that the company is a well-known brand.

Your enrolment in its program is hence a sure way of securing greater possibilities of generating higher sales and with it greater profit margins. Its commission rates start at 15% and increase progressively with increased sales.

You will have to wait until the expiration of the month to claim your outstanding dues. Its cookies also remain in force for 30 days, an arrangement that enables you to maximize your profits and revenue inflows.


Diamond CBD

It is no secret that Diamond CBD is a leader in the booming field of CBD affiliate marketing. By becoming an affiliate, you stand to accrue up to 20% on the sales you generate or referral you bring into the program.

This program is backed by a dedicated network and support staff. At the same time, it does have a visible presence in the major social media platforms and also holds numerous offline fairs, shows, and events.

Because of this arrangement and back-end support, making sales will not be so much of a struggle. The popularity of the brand is already high and all you will have to do is simply request for a quote.

The company deals with thousands of closely related products. These range from vape pens, to creams, to edibles. Closing a sale will hence not be so much of a problem.

It is very likely at any given time to have at least one person interested in any of these merchandises.

Just like the Diamond CBD above, you will have to hold on for around a month to be able to claim your outstanding dues. Its cookies also last around 30 days. This again allows for maximum exposure which translates to higher sales and reduced operational expenses.


Koi is a trusted brand which produces high-quality CBD products. It also has perhaps one of the most elaborate affiliate marketing programs.

The program entitles you to a minimum of 15% commission for all products you sell or referral you bring in to the program. Needless to say, this percentage grows with time.

The scheme relies on the Post Affiliate Pro to reach out to the potential client base. This is a rock solid site-cum-software which has consistently ranked among the best insofar as marketing matters are concerned.

This software is backed by a dedicated back-end support team. They are always on standby to offer you any help if you so happen to get stuck.

Your payments are processed on the 20th day of each month. Perhaps setting this program apart from others is the fact that you are paid your dues in full no matter how much they could be.

You may choose from the check, wire transfer, or PayPal for the disbursement of the dues.

If you choose the wire transfer, your outstanding balance has to be in excess of $10,000 to be eligible for payment. This threshold, however, dips to only $100 for the remaining payment options.



Apart from manufacturing high-quality and certified CBD products, CBDFX also manages and runs a robust affiliate marketing program. The program is centered on your, the affiliate marketer.

It has the longest cookie duration of 90 days! This combined with its higher base commission of 20% and flexible payment options makes your selling undertaking a breeze.

Getting started is pretty simple. All you have to do is to pay a visit to the company website and fill out the form that exists there. You will immediately be granted the instruments and authority to undertake a sale.

Redeeming your dues is just as simple as registering in the program. You have several payment options to select from. These include a check (only for US residents), bank transfers, and PayPal. Unlike other affiliate programs, this one has no fixed payment date.

To make a payment claim, you need only to hit a particular threshold. For PayPal payouts, you need a minimum balance of $100, and $200 for check payments. This figure spikes to $1,000 for wire transfers. You hence enjoy a fair degree of flexibility with this program as compared to the other competitors.


Hemp Bombs

Of all the affiliate programs under consideration, no other provides you an easier way of generating a sale like this one. With eye-catching products on offer, intuitive affiliate interface, and high-converting website, you may be sure to get started faster and generate decent incomes easily.

Your enrolment on the program entitles you to a base commission of around 10%. This figure spikes to around 20% with more sales and referrals. What’s more? This brand is trusted by major partners and other players in the CBD industry.

Throughout your active participation in the program, you will receive full-time affiliate management and support. This is further complemented by a faster payout regime which sees to it that you waste no time at all to receive your just dues and wages.

Some of the other incentives which make your affiliate marketing a worthwhile venture are ready-to-go content marketing, 90-day cookie periods, and weekly rather than monthly payouts. 

What’s more? This program has a provision through which you can earn some commissions indirectly through sub-affiliates!


HempWorx: Our Favorite Compensation Model

That Hempworx is a leader in the CBD industry is not questionable at all! This brand indeed produces some of the most potent and powerful products on the market. Most of its products are manufactured using organic hemp which is grown in Kentucky.

They are also devoid of the artificial and synthetic ingredients as is the case is with most other competing range of products.

Under this affiliate arrangement, you are entitled to a whopping 25% retail and sales commission for all sales. Through the jump start option, you receive some bonuses which are paid out on a weekly basis. It also has a binary team commissions options which are paid out on a monthly basis.

This affiliate program also stands apart from the others in many regards. It has some special categories and income-generating avenues which are distinct to itself.

Examples of these include the leadership matching bonuses, Binary Team Commission, Global Bonus Pool, and Rank Incentives and Bonuses. They bring in more income not to mention greater flexibility of processing those dues.



As you may deduce from the foregoing reviews and explanations, the HempWorx compensation plan clearly stands out at the premier CBD affiliate marketing program.

The company has incredible products with new ones coming out each year, excellent compensation structure, numerous options for making money, and is also pursuable on a long-term basis. What’s more? Its commissions are higher compared to the other competitors.

It is hence the program which you badly want to leverage. Even more so if you hope to make a career out of CBD affiliate marketing. You will, however, have to work extra hard to be guaranteed stable revenue inflows.

That is why we now challenge you to take the bold step to spread this news far and wide. You need not drag your feet in enrolling in any of the aforementioned affiliate marketing programs. 

If you would like an inside look at The HempWorx Marketing System and talk to others who are already building a second income with this opportunity click here to check it out!

The benefits of so doing are too great to even contemplate forfeiting!


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