What Is The Best MLM Business To Join?

What Is The Best MLM Business To Join

Multi-level marketing companies have always been on the rise, but the one that impressed us the most was HempWorx: A CBD Oil Company that is helping people in the Wellness Industry not only through an amazing health supplement product but with an amazing commission structure.

You get paid depending on your level in a company, and the commissions are usually passed up through different levels to the top. To find success with a top MLM business opportunity, you should look for a company that will work for you. 

There are many things consider when it comes to the decision-making process such as how long the company has been around, what the compensation plan of a company is like, and whether the opportunity is something you feel passionate about. 

Your answers to these questions and others will eventually determine your future in MLM business. The options are many, and we are here to assist you. You can browse our list of the best multi-level companies that you can join to assist you in narrowing your search.


My Daily Choice and Hempworx CBD Oil

CBD oil is one multi-level marketing business that’s guaranteed to explode this year. The founder of My Daily Choice, Josh Zwagil, who started the business back in 2015, knows this. This MLM company has two lines of products: 

My Daily Choice marketing system, which provides customers with sprays to boost the overall well-being and Hempworx which offers CDB-infused products for humans and CBD products for dogs. 

There is a whole 30% to 50% commission given to marketing Affiliates who start selling these goods, and many other opportunities to earn bonuses when you sell more products.

My Daily Choice business opportunity eliminates 90% of the basic overhead expenses of the company so that their CBD product affiliates can put more money in the bank. Hempworx MLM is also one of the most effective network marketing firms out there. 

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Their products are ordered over and over due to their high quality, and this provides repeat business earning the affiliates more commissions.



If you have ever used some vitamin supplements and been doubtful of their effects, Vasayo is a firm you might consider connecting with.

Utilizing Advanced Delivery Technology, this company claims that carrier additives and agents in mainstream nutrition supplements prevent your body from absorbing the many micronutrients you are trying to consume.

This network marketing firm claims to eliminate all these inhibitors, providing capsules to deliver combinations of micronutrients typically targeted towards a variety of health issues, such as weight management or poor sleep.

Established in 2018 by veteran husband and wife group Dallin and Karree Laresen, the company has an incredible standard MLM framework. The more you sell with Vasayo , the higher you get ranked. They provide landmark trips such as cruises to their high-ranked members, and many bonuses along the way depending on how much you sell.



Senegence multi-level marketing business is popular for its lipstick known as LipSense, which has steered the Kylie Jenner wave, full, poofy, and natural lips.

Started in 1995 by Joni Rogers, a single mother with an incredible business plan, this top MLM firm offers a high discount for all sellers and a 50% commission on all sales as well.

The drawback here is that you should invest a fair amount of money to get started. After the 55 dollars buy-in you have got kits to purchase so that potential customers can try your goods.

The LipSense lipstick is known to live up to the publicity though. That is because it is semi-permanent and lasts throughout the day. If you are a social media fan and are into beauty trends this network marketing item is pretty relevant and will not be going anywhere meaning it’s a wonderful business opportunity.


Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) is another good MLM company that focuses on health and wellness. Originally started by Jack Fellon and rebranded in 2012, TLC products are usually grouped into three major categories:

Skin Care, lso Café and Nutritional. Their bestselling product is an innovative detox tea that is made using herbs. Their multi-level marketing products, such as charcoal-activated toothpaste and Iaso coffee typically powered by mushrooms, are accessible and have wonderful reviews on Amazon.

Total Life Changes has been developing for years and will possibly continue its upward trend due to the rising wellness market. Once you join the TLC team, this network marketing firm sets you up with your customized website, and you earn 50% in commissions for each sale.

The more people you recruit to this business, the more bonuses you are eligible for. Ultimately, TLC might also reward you with a vehicle.



Dagcoin network marketing company advertises itself as “The Most Functional Cryptocurrency in the world.” While extraterrestrials might beg to differ, this company’s claim to popularity is faster than the bitcoin and pretty easy for anyone to use.

Founded by Nils Grossberg, an Estonia-based European investor, this currency is only several years old and is typically based around the concept that the more money you invest, the more you will earn.

While Dagcoin doesn’t sell products to clients, its objective is to make this cryptocurrency available to everybody, which is a decent enough cause which is worth looking into. Moreover, you will get a 10% marketing commission for every person who invests in the company.



Perhaps the popular MLM on this listing, doTerra has benefited greatly from the natural healthcare movement that has grown in the last decade. Established in 2008 by David Sterling and a number of his peers, all experts in the all-inclusive health sector, doTerra has made approximately $5 million in the first five years and has also continued to grow.

doTterra sells essential oils, and a variety of wellness items infused with these oils, like shampoo and deodorant. If you join their team of network marketers, you will get high discounts on all the products and you will earn a reasonable amount on all commissions. 

To be successful with doTerra, you will have to be smart to plunge yourself in a business community of people who are interested in the entire homeopathic thing, to help you secure your place as one of their essential oil dealers.


Initially founded in 1987 and rebranded in 2015, Modere is all about some eco-friendly products for home and health. This MLM company calls its sales representatives social dealers and their selling framework is pretty heavy on all the bonuses, but you will get commissions for selling products and encouraging many other business bloggers and social marketers to join.

Modere’s branding is pretty strong, and the products have some incredible hype, particularly the 3-pillar weight loss package. They have a team of industry experts, leading scientists, and board-certified physicians who endorse their products.

As an incredible competitor in the wellness sector, Modere is typically a leading MLM company worth your consideration if you are passionate about organic health products.


Young Living

This company is a network marketing business that deals with essential oils whose aim is to help people employ the power of these oils to live happy, and healthier lives.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, ventured into essential oils business in 1993 on his natural herb farm.

What Is The Best MLM Business To Join? If you have a heart for the healing effects of essential oil then DoTerra and Young living are another great business to get into.

Nowadays, the company is structured so that the business builders can get a commission on all the products they sell, along with network marketing business opportunities for more experiences and individual recognition along the way.

Moreover, Young Living has a listing of semi-famous brand representatives such as Alexa PenaVega and Tia Mowry, who provide this multi-level marketing firm with a high-profile edge.


New U Life

This top network marketing company offers anti-aging products which are made with one main component: a homeopathic human development hormone.

New U Life consultants are focused on customers from the age of 35 years and above since the SOMADERM gel guarantees to bring the level of your growth hormone back to the way it was in your 20s.

The founder of the firm, Alex Goldstein, is a naturalist or homeopath who has invested in the organic foods industry for 25 years.

The retail commission for this MLM company is usually paid weekly, and the bonuses are used as milestones as you work with them, so if you know some people who are incredibly scared of getting old, you should have more than enough potential customers.



This network marketing company is popular for its wonderful coffee called SLIMRoast that promises weight loss. Valentus was established in 2014 by Dave Jordan, and its structure is incredibly standard: paid weekly, 25% commission, and bonuses as you go up the sales ladder.

These products are meant for the customers who want to be super-humans, and everything they sell to people promises a more strong body.

In addition to SLIMRoast coffee, they do sell immune-boosting supplements, a keto creamer, and some vials of energy known as PrevalMAX. Valentus is ideal for health enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for super potions.


So, What Is The Best MLM Business To Join?

In 2019, multi-level marketing companies will be all about making clients healthier and boosting their general well-being while providing network marketing sales representatives the opportunity to set their own time and work hard towards bigger and higher bonuses.

The leading MLM companies discussed in this article are top in class, and they will only develop as the year advances, meaning they are excellent business opportunities you should consider exploiting. You can also check out our review of the HempWorx Affiliate Program.

If you found this article helpful we would love to see you share it on social media. No matter what decision you make today, just remember that taking action today will give you greater results tomorrow.


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