Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

Affiliate marketing ranks as one of the top ways to earn money online passively. It can be an ideal part-time online business for anyone. You can act once and earn forever if you play your cards right.

In affiliate marketing, you’re promoting goods or services of another merchant and get commissions in return.

It’s like you have a business, but you’re not involved in the manufacturing, shopping, stocking or any other related business aspect, you only need to direct customers to the client and earn your money.

You advertise the products of other businesses in your websites, social media platforms or any other avenue you’ll get clients. If any consumer uses your link to the product or services and makes a purchase, you’ll qualify for a commission.

All you need is a laptop, internet connection and the ability to connect with prospective buyers online. Create your profile and start your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer.

However, without selecting the right affiliate program to work with, making money from this venture can be tedious, time consuming and unprofitable. Thus you need to take your time when selecting the affiliate program to work with.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 affiliate programs that pay every week. Some of the programs pay monthly but have an option of daily or weekly payments.

1. HempWorx

HempWorx tops the list of the top affiliate programs that pay weekly. The CBD industry has been estimated to be worth over $7.1 billion. The sector is recording significant changes due to an increased awareness of the benefits of CBD products worldwide.

It’s fantastic to know that you can receive up to 50% commission’s on every product sold with Hempworx. The platform will assist you in making sales through its highly interactive and converting website.

Forbes estimates a 700% growth in the CBD industry by 2020.

We can view Hempworx as an affiliate/network marketing program that promotes viral products that are changing lives all over the globe.

Among the companies offering CBD products in the market, Hempworx provides the most potent and high-Quality products in the world.

The products are made from organically grown Hemp from Kentucky. The products are free from all artificial and synthetic ingredients.

The HempWorx affiliate program is a form of multilevel marketing (MLM). It means you can earn money from the program in two ways; first by selling the products and secondly by recruiting other affiliates and receiving commissions from their sales.

Your efforts in recruiting affiliates will determine how much you can make form this program.

To become a Hempworx affiliate, you need to purchase any product from the company in addition to a small fee of $20 to start selling the products from their website.

After this step, the support team will contact you via email, and inform you all you need to know about the program.

If you want to know the much you can earn from the affiliate program, you can check their compensation PDF from their site. But remember, you can receive up to 85% of your sales depending on your tier.

Products that you market as an affiliate include pure CDB oil, pain relief cream, renew anti-aging cream, Revive cream(skin care product), and Hempworx for pets. You can see that the list offers an amazing range of products that you can sell as an affiliate.

You need not to convince people on the benefits of CBD product since scientists have already confirmed.

If you want to make money marketing Hempworx, your ambition and drive are the only limits.


2. ClickBank

With over 12 thousand vendors and over one hundred thousand affiliates, ClickBank deserves to be one of the best affiliate networks.

Besides, they have a history of making payments in time. Even in cases where your merchant goes bankrupt, you will still get your pay. ClickBank acts as a payment processor with an affiliate marketing component.

By joining ClickBank as an affiliate marketer, you’ve access to six thousand products that you can market. Once you get an affiliate ID, you don’t need to register each product separately.

You can expect high commission rates from ClickBank since most of the products in this site are digital products- translating to high commissions. You can make between 50 to 75 % of each sale.

A significant advantage of joining Clickbank is that the system pays the affiliates directly via check deposit weekly or biweekly.

Your first payment might delay since you have to attain your payment threshold beside and customer distribution.

3. Clickbooth

Each year MThink compiles a “blue book” to rank their affiliate programs after a broad analysis of their performance.

For two consecutive years, Clickbooth has been ranked as the leading CPA affiliate network.

Clickbooth has maintained the lead by adopting the technology, i.e. Techniques for optimization, innovative tools, and campaign management.

Besides they have one of the best support systems for their publishers.


4. CrocMint

CrocMint is leading as a fast growing affiliate program in America. Expect high commissions from this affiliate program. This program provides you with access to top affiliate connections.

CrocMint has specialized in natural and herbal products to address the ever-increasing health needs of millions of people across the globe.

Besides making money selling these natural and herbal products, you’re serving humans beings by helping them improve their health, Isn’t this a noble service?

All health products available at CrocMint are sourced from highly esteemed manufacturers across the world; thus quality and potency are guaranteed.

You get your commissions at the end of every week. The commissions vary on the tie. You’ll get better commissions if you make sales over$10,000.

CrocMint offers a variety of payment options for its affiliates. For example, you can use bank wire transfer or PayPal to receive your commissions.

As a member of this affiliate program, you’ll get periodic reports of the sale you’ve made over the specified period.

The site also has a high conversion rate of 1:35 for the products. As an affiliate, you have access to promotional materials and free coaching.

Each Wednesdays, a payments area unit is created. At CrocMint, you have access to drop shipping and bulk sale options.

5. Mylead

Since its inception in 2014, MyLead affiliate network remains to be one of the most preferred affiliate networks among publishers. They are renowned for an interactive and professional support team that enables their publishers to earn high incomes on the online platform.

You can earn money from this program without investing a cent and without any experience. Rise to a top-earning affiliate using the performance statistics the company provides.

MyLead is known for fast and convenient payments. Once you join the network, you get professional advice from mentors as you move from one step to another as an online marketer.

Another benefit of signing up for the MyLead affiliate program is their support system. If you have any difficulties with configuration, the support team is always ready to assist you.

This affiliate program is perfect for those with Word Press blogs that are related to the service or product they are advertising.

The MyLead platform is very professional in the way they make negotiations, track payments, search offers and manage databases.

Once you’ve signed in, you receive guidelines on how to use the platform besides been enrolled in members forums where you can get support and guidance on how to make the best of the platform.

You will also get mentors in the platform who will guide you on how to make money through the platform. Aces to the mentorship program are free; you don’t pay a dime.

After opening your account, make the best use of the mentors, forums, and guidelines to make your online experience fruitful in a short time.

The minimum withdrawal in this platform stands at $20 if you’re not in Poland. Besides they offer many ways of online payment such as Payza, ePayments, PayPal, and Payoneer. You can receive your payment in 48 hours.

Data is a crucial tool in measuring progress and evaluating changes that need to be made to increase productivity.

At MyLead platform, publishers have access to various statistics that are important in to increase productivity.

These statistics are available on the user panel. The information includes, the conversions you’ve made, visits to a subpage and leads sent.

MyLead is a performance-based affiliate network; you must understand that you’ll only get paid for conversion got through your link.

You get fruitful leads you can get onetime commissions of as high as $400.


6. 24Scan

24scan came into existence by former publishers and advertisers who had worked for affiliate networks before.

The founders knew what publishers and advertisers require Based on the evidence the platform was created an s a performance-based affiliate network.

It was founded on the ideals of transparency, individual service, diverse options, Integrity, dedication, and security to all.

PayPal and Payoneer are the payments options available at 24scan. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and publishers receive payments every week.

Your individual affiliate manager will advise you on the best converting and highly optimized offers. As an affiliate, you should not have made your website for advertising. Your app or website must not have offensive content such as pornography, spyware, spam, adware or malware. A publisher is not allowed to create more than one account.

24sacn has over 100 exclusive offers. Top publishers get rewards besides commissions. You also receive your payments on time.

The platform has a real-time reporting system that publishers can use to track their progress.


7. The Four Percent Group

Since its launch, the Four Percent Group has had a significant transformation. The group and its products have dissociated from MLM Biz Opp space.

The platform serves to advocate for the use of evergreen quality products—products that people love.

To join the Four Percent Group, you won’t pay any fee; its 100% free. Partners aren’t needed to own any of the group’s products.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that any aspiring affiliate marketer can join the group immediately and start earning.

With the Four Percent Group, you’re guaranteed a 30% commission on all their marketplace products. Besides you receive lifetime cookies and several streams of commissions.

You’ll also benefit from ‘funnel stacking”. The funnel stacking/product cross-promotion mean the Four Percent training is ideal for promoting other Marketplace products.

Four Percent allows its affiliates to have their affiliate ID’s on all the multiple streams of income (MSI’s) they want to promote.

The MSI’s are third party resources you’ll know about during the training. They include domain registrars, hosting services, email services providers, lead capture services and Eco platform, etc.

With the MSI’s, you get extra money for a little more work. You must sign up for the affiliate programs of your choice, besides including your affiliate ID’s into their back office form.

8. Sell Health

Sellhealth ranks as the top sexual health affiliate program in the globe. Sellhealth majors on alternative sexual improvements products for men and women.

Other health products on offer include anti-aging products, hair loss products, general health products, and products for anti-inflammatory diseases.

You are assured of excellent commissions for marketing Sell health products.

The commissions vary depending on the product at hand. You have the option to receive your commissions every week, bi-weekly or monthly.

The platform has a new system that helps affiliates to trace leads and clicks beside the sales. Via customer link chase an affiliate can gauge which promotions are effective and those that require changes.

An associate nursing affiliate can refer another affiliate to trade their products while Sell health will pay the referring affiliate five-hitter for all the sales the affiliate makes.

Each ware has many promotional resources to be used by the affiliate. They include text links, banners, and website and article screenshots.

9. Webgains

Webgains was formed in 2005, and from the year 2006, it has remained part of the pepper media International N.V. It exists in 14 countries.

After joining this affiliate network, a merchant gains access to all the tools they’ll need to set up the affiliate program for their business.

The merchant also has to include product information and offers to motivate affiliates (also known as publishers) to participate in their affiliate program.

Affiliates can be website owners, blog owners, persons with substantial social media following, etc. The affiliate marketing aims to increase traffic to the product that will, in turn, result in sales.

When an individual that had been referred by an affiliate makes a purchase, then the affiliate is entitled to a commission.

The merchant determines the commissions payable to the affiliate and varies from one affiliate program to another.

Webgains has the necessary tools merchants and affiliates can use to track sales.

The platform also can track conversions made via leads or even phone calls.

Notable merchants using webgains include AliExpress, Nike, Samsung, ToysRUs and Oakley.

To get started at Webgains, you need to sign up at their homepage. You may opt to sign in as an agency, publisher or advertiser. Merchants and business owners need to sign up as advertisers.

With webgains, the merchant decides the commissions to pay to the affiliates. On the other hand, affiliates have a large pool of merchants to work with.

Note that Webgains allows only high-end affiliates to join their network. This means that merchants benefit from high-quality advertising translating to more sales.

Webgains also offers accurate tracking for all sales by integrating sales pages and shopping carts.


Profit Social

Profit social offer the opportunity for affiliates to earn 100% from their traffic irrespective of their location, platform or any other related factors.

The platform has a responsive support team that will ensure that you understand the entire process of becoming an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you should expect a high conversion rate courtesy of direct offers on fresh promo, optimized funnel, and top locations.

Partners who have demonstrated high traffic can negotiate for better rates.

These dating sites;,,, and among others are part of profit social.

Profit social affiliate network offers in-house dating campaigns for tier 1 and tier 2 countries that an affiliate can promote via a smartlink besides a specified link for each offer.

The smartlink has over 150 countries besides exclusive and in-house offers. By promoting the offers, an affiliate has the opportunity to make money from all their traffic.

With ProfitSocial you can make high commissions since the platform owns a majority of the top rated dating sites as highlighted before.

Besides, the smartlink option is available for all its partners, and they can use the options to set their campaigns and achieve high payouts.

An additional benefit for signing up at ProfitSocial is the provision of the perfect conditions for affiliates and support for newcomers.

Experienced affiliates have all the necessary tools in the platform to initiate income raising campaigns and translate their dating traffic into cash.

The new platform includes over 150 counties and 1500 offers across the world. Besides the minimum payout is $259.

The platform is simple, automatic and convenient after the whole volume traffic is directed to one link; the system takes over the other processes.

Promotional and offer materials are accustomed for high performance, with the traffic funnels optimized in real-time.

There you go!

Now you know the top 10 highest paying affiliate programs that pay weekly. You don’t have to wait for 30, 60 or 90 days to earn as an affiliate marketer.

In affiliate marketing, your zeal and efforts will reward you awesomely. If you want to see how a good friend of mine makes a ton in commissions each month from hempWorx you can learn more by clicking here.

When choosing an affiliate program, consider the product, it’s quality, target marketer and the support system available, and then shall you rejoice at the payouts each week.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

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