Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Products

Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Products

If you are searching for an affiliate program which enables you to make the most amount of money after every sale, you are in luck as we are going to discuss the top 10 highest paying affiliate products.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing is a very challenging space especially if you are a beginner because the super powerful authority websites dominate all the keywords which consequently result in affiliate sales mostly.

Usually, these authority sites have a domain authority (DA) which is 30 and above. Therefore, it will be quite tricky if you are a newbie to attempt and outrank or be even with these authority sites since the first page of the search result is filled with websites which have a (DA) of 30 and above.

Nevertheless, if you presently have an email or audience list which you been slowly building over the years either through owning a popular YouTube channel or through blogging, you need to consider monetizing this audience.

Thus, the best way in which you would do this is by recommending high-ticket products, that is the best in its class and which pays an excellent commission too.

Subsequently, these products will solve your audience’s problems, and you get to earn a commission due to your referral.

So, below is a list of the top 10 highest paying affiliate products in different categories such as email marketing, Web Design, SEO products and much more.


Big Commerce Affiliate Programs

It is a Saas eCommerce platform that has more than 60,000 merchants and typically is the preferred eCommerce platform due to its in-built features as well as advanced functionality.

Moreover, this affiliate program offers you with a generous 200 percent bounty payment on every plan’s price, which means you either earn $6, $160, $250 or even $1,500 for every sale.

You also are offered with text links, banners, weekly affiliate newsletter with SEO advice and content templates as well as having a 30-day cookie.

Joining the Big Commerce Affiliate program has its benefits and these include;

  • Strategic growth: Big Commerce offers you with unique strategies which increase your site’s visibility hence leading to more sales which help you grow. Also, you will save both time and money on the creation of content by linking to webinars, WordPress blogs and more with the content Big Commerce has developed for your audience.
  • Promotion is made easier since you have easy access to the pre-made banners, text links, and content. All needed to promote Big Commerce on your website is by placing its affiliate links on your pages.

  • Industry-leading commissions since you earn $1,500 per every Enterprise referral and 200% bounty per referral, plus there is no cap on the commissions. Additionally, making more referrals through this program leads to a higher commission tier.

  • Comprehensively tracks all your sales, clicks, trials and commissions which subsequently enables you to view your track performance, earnings and receive immediate payment every month.

  • You will have a dedicated account manager who comprehends your goals and business. Also, working in unison with our conversion rate professionals and your team, you will get to maximize your earnings and commissions for every click. One-on-one support through email and phone is offered the latest product updates and quarterly affiliate contests.


WP Engine

It is among the affiliate programs with the highest payouts that usually start at $200 plus for each sale. Moreover, they provide bloggers who write about WordPress themes and plugins with premier affiliate programs as well as a robust web hosting platform, plus their program also is driven by pricing tiers and incentives.

Therefore, if you make five sales, you consequently receive an additional $100, and you receive $259 for every ten sales you make. Moreover, they provide a two-tier affiliate program whereby you can earn up to $50 for every sub-affiliate who you refer to use their platform.

With its industry-leading cookie duration of 180 days, WP Engine allows you to get credit for sales made six months after every web visitor has visited your affiliate link. Nevertheless, in comparison to other web hosting options, the products of WP Engine are more expensive, and this might subsequently result in a slower conversion of your users.

How Does This Affiliate Program Work

  • You get to earn commination in two easy and powerful ways that are getting 35% of the StudioPress theme sales as well as making at least $200 as a commission for WP Engine sales.

  • Provides you with exclusive, custom promotions and discounts which you subsequently can avail to your audience.

  • Get to earn commissions for StudioPress and WP Engine sales all with a single click.

  • Allows you to choose from predesigned landing pages and banners as well as fully utilize the custom co-branded assets.

  • A dedicated and friendly WP Engine affiliate team and manager are always ready to offer you with assistance.

  • The super-long affiliate cookies enable you to still earn within 60 days and 180 days for StudioPress theme sales and WP Engine referrals respectively.

Liquid Web

With Liquid Web, you get to earn cash for any new client you refer to this web hosting site which is possibly the industry’s most lucrative affiliate program.

Signing up to this program is relatively simple, and all that is needed is you to select the program you desire, create an account and subsequently begin referring. Liquid Web sells Cloud hosting, Managed WordPress hosting as well as dedicated server services and by promoting this managed web hosting firm as an affiliate, you get to earn $125 to $800, and 5% recurring commissions.

Typically, you will be granted access to a library of banner links and ads to the products of Liquid Web, and whenever someone makes an order using your link, you will receive payment.

The affiliate ran by Liquid Web include their very own in-house affiliate program which is powered by Impact Radius and Commission Junction (CJ).

CJ has been in existence for 18 years and is among the globe’s top affiliate marketing platforms offering all our affiliates with real-time reporting, reliable third-party tracking, monthly commission payments, and excellent creative options.

Impact Radius provides all the affiliates with great creative options, industry-leading, and reporting as well as numerous performance-advertising campaign options.

To generate commissions, all you need to do is use one of the links on your site, and whenever a visitor clicks and consequently successfully makes completes a sale, your account is credited with the commission.

Likewise, by logging into your account, you can track all your commission dollars and the multiple ways which you can make use to refer customers include;

  • Refer your clients.
  • Refer your business associates
  • Making use of affiliate links on your blog.
  • Place a “Powered by Logo”


Rakuten Linkshare

Previously known as Linkshare, Rakuten is an affiliate network which has been in operation since 1996, thus being in this industry than a majority of other affiliate marketing companies.

Additionally, you get approximately 1,000 merchants to choose from, and this includes some of the popular brands known across the globe such as Pac Sun, New Balance, Sephora and Ray Ban.

What distinguishes Rakuten from the other affiliates is that it incorporates advanced, in-depth linking tools, a very intuitive user interface as well as the capability of generating rotating banners whenever you are promoting merchants.

That is not all, the setup process is straightforward, and present are tutorial videos ad excellent transaction reporting to assist you in getting started plus maximize your revenue generation.

Nonetheless, this affiliate network does have its shortcomings, and for a start, not many merchants are available to choose from thereby restraining your ability to sell from a broad range of different brands.

Consequently, you will have to join other affiliate networks in a bid to supplement your income.

Moreover, this company has an irregular payment schedule; therefore, you probably will not receive your commissions at the exact time every other month, and despite these two not being deal breakers, it is worth taking note of them.

What Makes Rakuten Unique

  • Ability to process payment in 25 currencies and to 202 nations globally.
  • Excellent in-class management and has strategic recommendations which are vital in expanding your business.
  • Thorough screening and monitoring to guarantee the quality of all your affiliate program participants.
  • It provides you access to a devoted team of analysts and Cadence, integrated marketing insights as well as attribution platform.
  • Incorporates tools and products which make affiliate marketing much more straightforward to measure, implement and optimize.


ShareASale Affiliate Program

It is a huge affiliate network which has more than 3,900 merchants as well as one million plus affiliates and has been doing this business for nineteen years.

Moreover, they are the industry leader with some of their top verticals being to promote food and drink, home and garden, fashion as well as B2B to mention a few.

This affiliate program also offers all its affiliate partners with many excellent features such as training webinars, affiliate marketing classes, marketing tools which assist you in growing your revenue through search engines and recommendation by merchants to match your site.

On the technological front, this affiliate program is robust and to be exact; they offer reporting tools, easy access to affiliate links, plus are proud to provide you with services speedily, efficiently, accurately and transparently.

ShareASale is an intermediary who links affiliates and merchants who want the affiliates to review and promote their products or services through ShareASale and subsequently pay them for their services.

Additionally, many affiliates earn a commission by promoting the products of merchants, getting payment after the readers click on the affiliate link present in the affiliate’s product review and purchase the service or product.

On this affiliate platform, affiliates send the clients requests to join their program, and the merchant via the ShareASale account can readily access the information about the affiliate they wish to know.

Likewise, affiliates have the option to write a custom-made request availing specific information like Blog Niche, Blog URL, affiliate blog among other details as to why they wish to promote the merchant’s products. Consequently, the merchant will either approve or reject the request by the affiliate.

Siteground Affiliate Program

SiteGround is an excellent option if your users are searching for a user-friendly and high-quality web host and this company has been around for more than ten years.

The services they offer include WordPress hosting which allows you to manage your WordPress websites with ease and freedom, Web hosting that is secure and fast for both medium and small website.

Likewise, they provide Cloud hosting by selecting a managed cloud for high-performing sites and WooCommerce hosting which boosts your business using an optimized Woo hosting.

Usually, there is also no minimum sales threshold necessary for you to get the funds released to you. Once you join this affiliate program, your earnings will range from $50 to $125 per sale depending on the number of referrals you get to generate.

Moreover, payments are made weekly instead of standard monthly payments with this very remarkable especially for affiliates who are aiming at a quick generation of revenue.

Why you should opt for SiteGround

  • Employs a security-first mindset hence why there always is a team of devoted security specialists who keep track on both the website and server level daily software vulnerabilities. Thus, the possibilities of an attack are significantly minimized.


  • Makes use of smart in-house solutions as well as implementing innovative technology and these include using Linux containers and secure account isolation.


  • The services you control are entirely managed since the firm’s core belief is empowering you and not limiting you. Therefore, you receive automatic WordPress updates which you can leave on a schedule or auto-pilot, running on PHP versions but still enable you to change between different versions.


Bluehost Affiliate Program

In the web hosting space, this affiliate program is tremendously popular, and its plans start at a monthly fee of $2.95, and the one-time payment starts at $65. Moreover, the commissions of Bluehost are high plus the cost barrier is low hence making this one of the top 10 highest paying affiliate products.

Subsequently, due to this reason, most bloggers like this as one of their primary affiliate programs which they use to generate money online.

Once you sign up to this program, your account will be credited for every referral up to 45 days right after the first click and payments usually are done between the 16th and the end of every month.

However, to receive payment for your services, you need to have made at least $100, and you earn $65 to $130 for every sale made from your site.

Through promoting Bluehost, you get access to banners and text links which easily promote them as well as enjoy high conversion rates.

Additionally, the affiliate managers offer you exceptional customer service; hence why this affiliate program has such a high recommendation.

Here are three types of hosting plans offered by Bluehost and these include;

  • VPS Hosting: Virtual private servers for bigger sites with powerful features.
  • Shared Hosting: A basic hosting plan ideal for individual blogs or websites.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Perfect for extremely powerful and up-time using custom-built servers.


Shopify Affiliate Program

It is an affiliate program which includes educators, entrepreneurs, content creators, influencers, and others who subsequently refer the entrepreneurial audience to Shopify.

Furthermore, joining this affiliate program is free and allows you as an affiliate to monetize your audience and earn a commission for every new Shopify merchant referral.

Typically, as an affiliate, your average earning is $58 for every user who consequently signs up for the paid plan using your unique affiliate link, and for each Plus referral, you get $2000.

Additionally, to maximize your earnings, all of your referrals will be supported to assist them as they are transitioning from the trial to the paid plan.

Usually, your affiliate links include a 30-day tracking cookie meaning that if a user clicks on your affiliate link which you have posted on your site, your account is credited for the referral.

However, this is after the visitor sign-ups for the 14-day free trial, and if the visitor consequently becomes a paying a customer after the expiry of the 140-day trial, you also earn a commission bounty.


It is an email marketing affiliate program which has been continuously increasing the size of its market share. The reason many internet marketers are switching to them is due to how simple they have made to set up an autoresponder sequence.

Moreover, there are a couple of things which ConvertKit enables you to do which is nearly impossible to carry out with other service providers. These include automatically taking individuals who have bought off the remainder of the products funnel sequence, and such features make ConvertKit quite a simple sale if you are in the correct niche.

The affiliate commissions on this program payout at 30% plus the commission per introduction can increase to $600 every month.

Furthermore, since the commissions are recurring, you still get to earn a 30% affiliate commission of whatever amount your referrals pay each month they remain as subscribers.

Therefore, if you can manage and acquire a couple of referrals under your belt, you will have a steady inflow of commissions trickling into your affiliate account.

There are some rules that this affiliate program requires you to follow to prevent abuse and these include;

  • Gaming, abuse and any other shady behavior will result in the closure of your account.
  • Self-referrals are not permitted.
  • Payouts usually are made on the 2nd of every month.
  • The affiliate links are based on the first click attribution; thus the commission will not go the affiliate whose affiliate link was clicked first and not last.
  • Affiliate commissions typically are approved on the 1st of every month with the minimum delay period being 30 days before all pending commissions are accepted.


Click Funnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels is a software firm which offers solutions for creating and designing landing pages as well as sales funnels. Furthermore, this company has been experiencing an incredible growth trajectory, and this possibly is due to their products being ideal for anyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Therefore, if you have an interest in online marketing, this is one company you must have heard.

Moreover, CLickFunnels is a complete online sales funnel solution which provides split tester and analytics, autoresponder among other things, all these making it outdo its competitors.

The basic outline of how the ClickFunnels program works is you get to earn a 40% recurring commission every month, per user, with these earnings available for as long as the users maintain as paying customers.

The product plans available at ClickFunnels include:

  • ClickFunnels Starter Plan with a monthly cost of $97 and an affiliate commission of 40%.
  • ClickFunnels Enterprise Plan which costs $297 monthly, plus the affiliate commission is 40%.
  • Funnel Scripts which has a one-off payment of $497 and an affiliate commission of 40%.

The commissions are paid weekly by ClickFunnels, and once the 30-day period has elapsed, nevertheless, you need to have reached the minimum threshold, and that is $50.

Additionally, this affiliate program is two-tiered; thus, you will earn a 5% sub-affiliate commission on every sale made by any one customer that you signed up.



The affiliate marketing industry constantly keeps growing and thus knowing this top 10 highest paying affiliate products will be significantly vital in assisting you in achieving financial freedom.

Moreover, as an affiliate marketer, it is crucial to get involved with affiliate offers in a niche that you believe in and are interested in.

If you are not sure which affiliate offer to get started with you can read up on our favorite affiliate program by reading our Hempworx Review.

Subsequently, you can go all-in and earn high commissions through these top paying programs while you also learn skilled marketing techniques.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Products

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