Top 10 Hemp CBD Companies In The World

Top 10 Hemp CBD Companies In The World

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is the trend these days with the products offered by most of the leading CBD oil brands containing the ingredient flooding the international market.

Mostly advertised as a solution for multiple health conditions from anxiety to pain and nausea, Cannabidiol is usually added to a wide variety of consumer products including vape oils, bath bombs, bud, body lotions, and many other beauty items.

They are presently being sold online, by health food stores, in vape shops, and some grocery shop.

The international cannabis market is currently amid a widely-needed transformation. Many countries are even reconsidering the legality of cannabis, an invasion of research on the numerous benefits of this plant, as well as the many new CBD products launched by big CBD oil establishments are giving the Cannabidiol market a quick boost in the recent years.

Living with pain is not an easy thing. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, arthritis or muscle spasms, finding a way to help you deal with the pain can make a big difference between a good day where you can easily function to one that seems like a nightmare, and you want it to end.

In recent years, Cannabidiol oil has become a common type of treatment when it comes to pain management. It’s presently thought to be incredibly useful, such that more and more medical professionals are recommending it to their patients.

The main benefit of CBD oil, when compared to cannabis extracts, is that it doesn’t give the user a “high” feeling, and it’s the reason why it is permitted in many places.

With a lot of companies coming up every day, we have done the difficult work for you. We will discuss the top 10 Hemp based brands in the world primarily based on the quality of the CBD oil used, effectiveness, customer support, and even the prices. Read on to discover more about these companies.


Hempworx is an up-and-coming company, offering a pretty unique technique of approaching the present stretched CBD oil market with an incredible USP that is appealing to many people.

Hempworx CBD boasts in the fact that they operate entirely within the United States, sourcing each ingredient and carrying out each test in America.

That means that the company does not rely on any other country to provide all the resources they need, which allows for more reliable services in general.

Also, Hempworx does not only do everything on their territory, but they also get their hemp from natural pilot research farms located in Kentucky, which are popularly known for their high quality.

All these factors together with their clear approach to testing everything, methods of extraction, and natural ingredients make Hempworx an incredibly reliable company from the off.

Utilizing the cleanest and purest CO2 extraction process, the customers who have in the recent past heard horror tales or maybe have witnessed first-hand a number of the atrocities passed off as high-quality Cannabidiol oil will be pleased to get a product from this company based on the standards alone.


CV Sciences

CV Sciences refers to a leading supplier and manufacturer of hemp-based cannabinoids including CBD oils, pet care, to the beauty care, nutraceuticals, functional food sector, specialty beverage and the producer of pharmaceutical therapeutics.

Previously known as CannaVest, this company reported a significant growth and profitability in the recent past that has shown the ability of their products and the recognition of the brand within the CBD oil sector.

The firm plus the CBD product line are properly positioned for expanded distribution, and mainstream approval as both health and wellness industries continue to embrace the standardization and commercialization of CBD oils. Recently, CV Sciences increased its retailer store count to 1968 organic and natural health food stores, which is making it one of the largest CBD oil brands in the world.

Gaia Botanicals

Gaia Botanicals also known as Bluebird Botanicals also is among some of the award-winning CBD brands and a leading producer of hemp-based CBD consumer items.

Although most of its sales happen online, all their products are also sold at all its physical retail shops and other third-party retail stores.

For many years, the firm has been labeling its CBD products private for other firms across the world and also selling its pure organic extracts to other businesses. Currently, Gaia Botanicals has many distributors in Japan, Europe, South America, and the firm is working hard to enter the other regions as well.

Their products include vape items, oil extracts, CBD capsules, and many other pet products. Gaia Botanicals also released new products in November 2016, called Hemp Shirts and CBD Isolate.

Isodiol International

This hemp-based brand has been manufacturing pharmaceutical as well as health and wellness consumer products for quite a long time and nowadays the firm is supporting the pharmaceutical industry at large with its currently approved CBD oil products as a pretty active pharmaceutical component.

The brand is presently focusing on the numerous health benefits provided by hemp and is actively advertising hemp-based products and blends.

Isodiol International is also specialized and popularly known for identifying different opportunities and trends that come from all the Cannabinoids available in raw hemp. This company distributes a wide range of product portfolio through its various channels both domestically and internationally.

Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth Corporation is among the leading medical cannabis companies that manufacture and sell CBD oil consumer products through its popular subsidiary known as Bedrocan.

Bedrocan is advertised as one of the most experienced manufacturers and exporters of medical cannabis with various product lines having five different cannabis extracts.

In the recent past, Canopy growth corporation increased its efforts to market medicinal cannabis in the international market to Brazil and Germany.

Its products include Bedropuur, a tetrahydrocannabinol indica for THC extraction, Bedrocan, a sativa type of plant cannabis; Bedrobinol, Bedrolite and Bediol products; and the Sativa dominant extracts of cannabis Bedica, a popular indica which is a dominant extract of cannabis.


Serenity CBD LLC

Just like any other cannabis farm, product-maker or producer worth its salt content, Serenity CBD utilizes organically-grown hemp.

Nevertheless, Serenity CBD has gone a step further and claim that their organic hemp comes from the state of Colorado as well, something which should make them even more trustworthy, since it means that all their hemp consumer products are not manufactured using mass-produced, industrial CBD from other nations.

The website of Serenity CBD even outlines the names of the farms their hemp originates from which is Honahlee Farms.

No herbicides or pesticides are utilized in the growth of their hemp, and the organic hemp oil is extricated using CO2.

Serenity CBD LLC has two types of oils, one that comes with 500 mg CBD and another with 300 mg CBD content, with not more than 0.03% THC in each bottle.

The CBD oil can be utilized both externally and internally, and the raw hemp oil is usually infused into coconut oil of high quality.

For those who enjoy vaporizing, Serenity also does a strawberry flavored product using real strawberry terpenes and 3 ml vape liquid containing 125 mg of CBD.

There is also a 500 mg CBD roll-on bottle for those who want to use this hemp oil product as a topical product, as well as a facial oil which contains 12 mg CBD and a lip balm.

Also, you can see all the main ingredients Serenity CBD LLC uses in all their products, and they are all-natural and all high-quality. The prices also seem reasonable, as well.

CBD American Shaman Company

CBD American Shaman firm is a manufacturer of high-quality hemp products that contain high levels of CBD. This company has evolved as one of the biggest firms in the Hemp oil international market due to its commitment to move CBD oil out of the popular smoke shops and vape stores to use CBD oil for creating wellness to the entire world.

The CBD oils of American Shaman are unique and special since they are manufactured from organic and natural industrial hemp oil that contains no GMO, insecticides, or heavy metals and are 100 % free of gluten.

Their products include hemp oil used for pain relief, skin care products, terpene and CBD rich hemp oil tinctures, as well as feline and canine hemp oil. All the products contain great amounts of natural and pure CO2 Extracts and Cannabidiol.

The extensive array of CBD products offered by CBD American Shaman can satisfy even the choosiest customer, ranging from the flavored tinctures to the CBD-infused under-eye serums and for the horse enthusiasts, an “equine ointment.”

Moreover, it’s water-soluble, and inventive hemp oil supplements mean that the users can have their daily doses of CBD by simply quenching their thirst. According to the website, they are different ways through which the CBD American Shaman aims to usher wellness to the entire world.

This firm has a philanthropic line, as well, with a guarantee that it regularly gives to many non-profit institutions, while its Compassionate Care plan cuts the rates of its products for people with long-term health issues.

Again, the firm states that it utilizes only natural, non-genetically modified hemp oil in the manufacture of all its CBD products, without any insecticides utilized in the plant growing process.


Endoca is one of the best CBD oil brands and the largest CBD manufacturers by volume usually based outside Europe with its office in the United States.

The firm claims that it manufactures products from certified natural and organic Cannabis plants, grown and also cultivated without herbicides or pesticides.

Endoca manufactures the finest quality hemp oil products incorporating CBD oils and many other cannabinoids since there are over 80 varieties in nature.

This company grows, harvests and processes its hemp plants themselves and utilizes its machinery and equipment to deliver the end products.

The company has its warehouse and shipping facility as well. The next big step Endoca taking is utilizing solar energy in the production process as a maintainable source of power.

Although reviews can be manipulated to a certain degree, it seems that most of the reviews on Endoca company are genuine. Again, they provide a breakdown about what their hemp oil products contain, which includes:

80% hemp seed oil; 3% of phytocannabinoids. It has around 1 to 2% of CBD and 1% of CBD; contains some low concentrations of the other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidivarin (CBCV) and cannabinol (CBN).

It also contains terpenes like limonene, alpha- and beta- pinene, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and humulene; and lots of flavonoids and many other compounds usually found in all types of cannabis plants.



After approximately two decades of incredible experience in the hemp oil sector, Paul Benhaim established Elixinol. As the website of this company states, to produce and offer the best quality of hemp extracts and CBD oil in the globe so that all users of CBD oil can be guaranteed of that good quality.

Elixinol significantly tests all its extracts and offers certificates of extensive analysis for all its products which are available to see at a click.

The wares of this manufacturer have even gotten a stamp of approval from the popular Realm of Caring Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Colorado that advocates for cannabinoid therapy education and research.

If you want to assess the extracts of Elixinol for yourself can select from its wide collection of oral tinctures which have potencies of 3,600 mg, 600 mg, and 300 mg as well as some topical capsules and balms.

Besides, the firm gives five percent of its proceeds from each sale to charity organizations. Therefore, buyers might not only feel pretty good after all their purchases, but they will do some good, as well.

Elixinol is popularly known for producing and manufacturing high-quality organic and natural hemp products. The portfolio of Elixinol group includes three main sections:

Hemp Foods Australia which sells food products, Elixinol USA which markets dietary supplements and Elixinol Australia which focuses on medicinal cannabis.

Elixinol USA is usually their major business, and it produces and supplies CBD oil nutraceuticals to the United States market and many other nations including Brazil, Japan, United States, the UK, and Puerto Rico. Elixinol is the very first company to launch a CBD-based product in Japan.

Nowadays, the firm follows an incredibly disciplined technique to drive its growth, backed by investments in production aptitudes in Colorado.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web hemp was developed in Colorado by five Stanley brothers, the Stanley’s. The company’s hemp oil has been praised for its high CBD oil content and numerous benefits.

It has helped children with Dravet Syndrome, as well as people suffering from epilepsy. Hemp oil contains a maximum of 0.03% THC, a good amount that will not produce a high feeling.

Since the hemp oil manufactured by Charlotte’s Web is legally sold as dietary supplements and not drugs, it has not been assessed by the FDA. The Stanley’s have made it their objective using Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oils to isolate CBD oil from cannabis with a minimum level of THC.

To achieve this, they crossbred some cannabis strains with industrial hemp oil. This oil is later extracted from the hybrid plant at a high level of CBD with less than 0.3% THC.

To place this into perspective, you should know that the amount of THC taken can vary broadly from one plant to another and by the method of extraction, a standard joint is typically rated approximately15% THC.

Since hemp is the main component of the Charlotte’s Web Hemp and the concentration of THC is consistently less than or at 0.3%, it can legally get sold in 50 states currently as dietary supplements.

While this is presently the case, there are many activist and legislative groups who are evaluating CBD hemp oils such as Charlotte’s Web to ensure that it is being utilized for the correct reasons and also delivering on all its promises without harmful side effects.


In recent years, there has been a significant boost in CBD oil sales. As more states throughout the United States have altered their governing laws to allow legal use of cannabinoids, there has been an exceptional need for supply.

It is fair to say that the Hemp oil market is thriving pretty well. According to CBD market intelligence firm Hemp Business Journal, products worth $130 million containing this cannabinoid were purchased in the United States back in 2016.

This figure is only estimated to rise in the coming years, the data analysts believe. Indeed, this source estimates that consumer sales of all CBD products will amount to a shocking $2.1 billion by the year 2020.

They are buoyed by the claims that the use of such products helps in the management of depression, diabetes, and chronic pain among many other conditions.

Due to the number of Hemp oil companies out there, it might be challenging for the customers to easily know which manufacturers are the best when it comes to CBD products.


With this in mind, this listing of the top 10 Hemp CBD companies in the world, I should inform both inexperienced and veteran CBD oil users on where they can get the providers who are worthy of their hard-earned cash.

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Top 10 Hemp CBD Companies In The World

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