Make Money on Youtube & Keep It Rolling In

Make Money on YouTube

Make Money On YouTube!

If you want to make money on YouTube there are a few things you need to plan out first.

  1. Your Passion or Topic.
  2. Your Product.
  3. How To Target Your Audience.
  4. What It Means To Deliver On Your Promise.

Your Passion

We have coached a lot of people who have struggled with growing their Youtube channel and the most common issue we have come across has consistently been a YouTube Channels failure to be consistent.

So, if your goal is to make money on YouTube or simply to grow your following then the #1 piece of advice I can suggest is to be consistent. That means staying on topic and giving people what they came for.

Your Product

Whether you’re selling a house, a car or yourself. There is always a product to be sold. If you are a musician you’re selling music and e-commerce companies are trying to sell you on the Joy you will receive when you buy their next hot product.

If you don’t know what action you want your viewers to take then how are they supposed to know. When it comes to video you need to follow the 3 E’s. Entertain, Educate & Execute!

Targeting Your Audience

So, if you want to make money on YouTube then on every video you create, you need to be asking yourself how your video is going to help your audience but before you can give them what they want you’ll need to find out who they are.

The reason I say you need to know who they are is because you need to know who is going to benefit from what you have to offer the most. If you were selling drones, you would want to target people who are looking for the most stable and easy to use drone with features like auto return and GPS so it’s not too easy for me to lose it.

You want to talk about people’s fears and struggles so they feel confident when they make their purchase and this is the same for any and every product or service.

Deliver The Goods

From the beginning of your video you need to discuss what you are going to cover and then after you want to recap on what you discussed and ask people to comment with any questions they might have or other suggestions they would like to make about topics they would like you to cover in future videos.

In addition to that if you want people to go to your website or a referral link to secure that sell. Then you want to put a link in your description box and in your video you want to tell people what action they should take.

So, in order to make money on YouTube, you need to tell your viewers to click the link in your description to get your product.


If you are starting to earn on YouTube, there is no better way to make on YouTube. If you search online for a while, you will notice that there are many ways to earn on YouTube.

With a little effort on your side, making on YouTube is possible. I will explain in this article some ways you can begin.

Starting as a beginner

It takes patience and tireless effort to start earning the income you want. That is a job opportunity for those who like to create videos and want to work hard for an extended period. In this article, I’ll talk about the steps you can take to increase your YouTube earnings.


  1. Create a YouTube account

Creating a YouTube account is very simple. All you need is a Gmail account that you will be using. In case you still own a Gmail account, you will be assigned the start, but we advise that you make a new account just for your YouTube account. Getting your YouTube account is the first step to generating revenue in this area.


  1. Create quality and exceptional content.

The echo of success on YouTube is content is king. The content you provide is the key to making money on YouTube. Before starting a YouTube channel, you need to know what content to offer. Its content can be video tutorials, tools, drawings, talk shows or even comedy.


  1. Be original

YouTube is exceptionally strict when it comes to copyright law. Even if you are using a soundtrack that does not belong to you as a background sound, make sure you have the right to use it.

That is important because the only rule that makes you eligible to make a profit with YouTube is ownership of all the rights required for all commercially used materials, even if you are a third party.


  1. Work patiently and get benefits

Patience is required if you must earn money with YouTube. YouTube pays you $ 2 for 1000 visits, so to make more money; you must have excellent and unique content that attracts a large number of visits. Before you become popular in the YouTube community, you need to get many good videos.

Some people make fantastic videos that appear quickly, but most must work patiently to make money with YouTube. The best thing about making money on YouTube is that when money begins to flow, it never stops.


  1. Link your YouTube account

The purpose of creating YouTube videos is to deliver them to as many people as possible. To do this, you can link your YouTube account to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account. You can use social networks in constant growth to promote your videos.


  1. Use simple equipment

It is not necessary to create and edit huge videos to make money with YouTube. Most computers come with a simple video editing program that you can use. You can also use natural light as a light source, but a better halogen lamp will cost you more than $ 15.


  1. Do you have subscriptions?

YouTube subscriptions increase the visibility of the channel. These subscriptions can be improved by marketing the video channel in different social networking sites. Linking blog sites or your website with subscriptions will lead to more visits.

Building a large subscriber base can also involve coordination with others who promote their products. Everything that develops must be brief and does not violate the right of those who press to avoid problems within the channel.

Increase views

When you achieve your goal of making money on YouTube, it will be when you reach a growing audience. The more views you can get, the higher the chances of earning some good revenues.

You have to build a secure network of people. Invite your friends and encourage them to ask everyone they know to watch your video as well.

Eventually, it will become infectious, and that is the viral meaning in terms of social networks. Update your links anywhere you can quickly click on them, such as social networking sites, social networks, correspondence, and social bookmarking sites.

Some preparation tips

The steps above can help you create your YouTube account today and get started. Before your first victory, ask yourself some questions.

What kind of skills do you have? – With this I mean, can you build a website? You can write well. Making on YouTube is a steep learning curve, so there are some new skills you will have to learn.

Do you have a plan in motion?

If you are starting on the Internet, it would be prudent to develop a plan to a certain extent. It is not necessary to put it on stone, but at least you have an idea of what you want to do. I say this because when I started, I was everywhere.

I have all this information, but I did not know how to put it into practice. So you have a plan in place so you can put it into practice. Also, do not jump from one thing to another because it will not get you anywhere.

Get a mentor

If you invest in a mentor, invest in a mentor, who knows what you are doing. That is obvious but invest in an expert mentor in what you want to do. For example, would you like to learn how to create a website and make money with it?

Do you need to learn and know something specific like learning to create a list? By getting a good teacher, it will help you reduce the learning curve, and the learning process will be more structured.

Learn for yourself

You will learn while on your own by reading discussion forums. That is how I started, but I realize that it will take a long time to discover how to assemble the pieces to work. I could make it work, but if I had to do it again, I would look for a good teacher. It may save you a lot of time and frustration.

Create rapport

It may seem difficult to do, but it is very easy. You can create a relationship by connecting to what you are now. Many of the videos that I believe are aimed at the network marketing industry.

Then tell them that I know what it means not to worry about anyone, driving around the city, rejecting a face, etc. I mostly enjoy them when I tell a story.


You have to learn to be good at this. It’s part of the narrative too. You must get in touch with someone’s whereabouts and take them where they want to be. That makes it look like you are the only one with them.

Go to the lowest point of the group and create yourself through different groups of people. The reason you want to do that is that everyone is at different levels, so you do not want to exclude anyone. It is about communicating with everyone.

Telling them your story

It’s not about income here. That is just a way to validate the story you are telling. The social guide is everything. Often, I will use the story of someone I know with whom I am trying to prove my point of view. Sometimes I use a screenshot of a Facebook post or an email I received.

I think one of the main reasons for this power is that you are helping people to see what they can do most. That is one of the two questions they have in their heads,

Can I do this?

By providing evidence of what another person is doing, not just yourself, you are telling them that you can. The second question in people brings us to the last point.

Start to make money

It is mostly possible for people to know ways to generate money from YouTube. Google AdWords can be linked to YouTube pages. That can allow video images to earn money each time a visitor clicks on ad hyperlinks. For a group of clients to access a page, the videos must be able to attract the attention of the individual.

Improve the quality of your business

Uploaded videos increase the possibility of a group of people accessing them. No group of you has a long period of interest, so the short videos are better than the long term ones. There are a variety of strategies that those who try to learn how to generate money from YouTube can use to get a stable flow of visitors to the site.


You also want to think about the quality of the video, because this can be a big obstacle for you. Poor quality videos are often not seen. You want to use a decent quality camera.

If you are using a webcam, you should be familiar with your surroundings and the corner. It is also useful to invest in video editing software. That can help you add fun effects and make your videos mostly cool.


One thing that people hate about the video is background noise. If you have small children, make your videos when your children are asleep. Even if someone sees your full video with noise, they probably will not tell others about the channel or see your other videos.


Even if you want your videos to become organic, scripts are still necessary. That can help avoid difficult poses. You must practice the video in advance, as well as edit any errors or other errors in the video. Remember that you want your videos to be as professional as possible.

Marketing Videos

You can create marketing videos that allow visitors to know well that they have been produced to market a product or service. You can post useful videos that provide information that a section of the population needs to know.

Videos can be linked to e-commerce sites or blogs where additional details about a service or product are published or where items can be purchased. A combination of these strategies can be used.

Upload great content

It is essential that if you want to learn how to monetize YouTube, be sure to upload excellent content that captures customers to watch their videos.

The material should be published regularly to ensure that people will continue to return. Many people who post videos on YouTube do not publish periodically. Those who understand the tricks to earn money from YouTube ensure they have new content that is published regularly.

That is one of the easiest ways to earn money quickly. It mostly is worth making money at home. Uploading videos on YouTube are the adventure that many people take to improve their profits. All the above tips are to direct customers to your channel.

Innovative ways to make money on YouTube

Well, let’s look at some creative ways to earn money in YouTube views or other techniques as follows:

Promote your site

YouTube has already been developed as a marketing tool for marketers. The idea was for marketers to post their videos on YouTube, along with a biography or signature that contains a link to their site.

The purpose of these videos was to provide information on the area of competence of the marketer and create a greater awareness of their brand, which would help financially in the long term. In case you like or have some interest in making money on YouTube, that is how people usually do it. However, you will not get more traffic to your site.

If you want to use YouTube as a useful place to promote your site, you should find a place without finishing correctly and develop conferences or seminars on the subject that can become videos. To make sure you have high-quality video and audio, you should get the right recording equipment.

Recommend products

The last way to make money with YouTube is to recommend other people’s products or services. These are also known as affiliate products. The strategy is the same here in the second step.

All you have to do is talk about the product or service that you recommend in your video instead of placing your URL in the description.

Place the affiliate link in the report. I also recommend using the URL shortening service to prevent people from hijacking your affiliate link and stealing your commissions.

Online lessons

By downloading a series of DIY tutorials, you can mostly earn a lot of money through this site. What you need is discover a profitable topic, which allows you to create a video on it and upload it.

Many people can make money by publishing fun, educational programs to do things like makeup tips, fitness programs, weight loss, and other similar stories. So, with this question, how can you make money on YouTube without Adsense?

Sell your products/services.

If you have specific products or services that you sell, using videos, you can get a lot of money, unlike successful people like Cassey Ho, who can bring in 16 million views. With these incredible views, they can sell a series of products for physical exercises, such as gym bags that have lent them a lot of money. According to Cassie, she often makes six figures a month using her videos on YouTube when selling her products.

Sell pure information

If you know something about a topic but do not want product reviews or there are not many products you can get, making videos is a great way to start “monetizing YouTube videos.”

Take the construction site as an example. If you can create a website from scratch, that is an incredible value skill, and people want to know how to do it. Start with some markets where you may be experiencing a lack of services when you take a look.

Are there good tutorials on how to make HTML? What about using FileZilla? How about using CSS to create degraded funds? It mostly sharpens the specific and makes sure you use HD. Start earning money on YouTube today just by sharing what you already know with the world.


Once you have some videos there, place some affiliate links in your description of a product that you think will be of great help to viewers and start earning money on YouTube as you wish. The comments section is compelling, so be sure to provide relevant links that mostly help the viewer or communicate with you.

We all have the skills that others love to learn: do you bake a deadly chocolate cake? Can you kick the ceiling fan in the living room? Can you play some amazing tune in water cups filled with different levels? Be creative and have fun with it.

Convert your YouTube partner

There are currently several YouTube partners around the world, while the online video and has become a massive $ 5 billion industry. Most of these partners can make six numbers through their programs with YouTube. Also, they have the opportunity to participate in several branded entertainment venues. However, getting a partnership with YouTube is most difficult, since you must have the right number of subscribers to your video.

Review affiliate programs

Another creative way to make money on YouTube is to try to review several affiliate programs online. What you should learn to do is to search for the affiliate products and start linking them to the description field. If people see the products used and it becomes familiar, they will end up buying, which will help you in saving money at the end of the process. Therefore, with each sale of cracking you end up making money through this site.

Collect email addresses

The most common methods of making on YouTube even from YouTube is email marketing. That is why YouTube is one of the best ways you can use to succeed. You may not be able to place the capture form directly on YouTube, but you have other options, such as setting a link on your resume or a watermark on your video that directs people to the squeeze page.

So that is another way to make money on YouTube. Remember that your videos are the same ones that harvest cash. But the email addresses you bring are as valuable as any profit you can get from your video since they can be the source of future income.

Let your voice listen

If you are blessed with a good voice, you can finally get good money with YouTube. If you have a good voice, you can put several things with your voice on YouTube and see how your video is spreading on the web. This also gives you many opportunities to earn money through this site. Therefore, if you have a good and comfortable voice, be sure to let him earn money through YouTube.

Product comments

Well, do you have problems with self-esteem and do not think you’re pretty enough for the camera? No problem, do not imagine your face. You can use PowerPoint or any other software to produce videos without saying anything; I mostly do not like them.

However, some of the best product reviews on YouTube are created by people with a hobby they love and will review the products in that category. In case you like, or you are a fanatic of the great acoustic guitar, start by studying the guitar you have and do a good job.

That is one of the best ways to start earning money on YouTube. Describe precisely how it is executed, where it was obtained, what price it paid, what it did not like, what could be better, what was free and the shipping costs. Always be prudent but still avoid threats: keep it in high quality.

Rent videos on YouTube

Google recently launched an idea for a new rental system to take effect soon. In the new plan, people who give seminars or produce multiple viral videos may charge a rental fee for each video that is viewed. Since video content is growing steadily and the quality of these videos is improving, people can be made a lot of money with excellent video products to sell.

Take the advantages of affiliate marketing

People interested in finding ways to benefit from YouTube should think about affiliate marketing. To do this successfully, you must obtain an essential editing tool so that you can mark the videos you have uploaded with a watermark. That allows you to create video productions with tips and strategies, a package that you can use as a brochure for people to visit your site, where they can buy a complete product. Another option is to recharge a video with a watermark. The method is easy to use, but you should make sure you do not violate any copyright. It is also good to stay away from the transmission material.

Provide non-viral content

So caught a plane crash live? Well, that’s sad, but the world too, and this video will have many clicks on the first day. In case you own something that you think could become a virus-like poor Ginger Soul or Charlie’s biter, download it and place some ads on it. You can do this in the “Monetization” setting, which is very simple, keep in mind that you must first agree.

You can show ads before your videos, as well as banners that keep you awake during the video and earn income. The idea here is to get many views. There are thousands of videos like this that collect money on YouTube for their owners.

Before finishing, there are things to remember.

Breaking the attention

Breaking the attention is important because people tend to be everywhere on the Internet and do many things. We are fifty million marketing ads that come to mind every day, so if you are not doing anything unusual to get their attention, you will click on the video, and it should be done first.

Show people how

People want to know how this works no matter what they promote. I see this as my call to action. You cannot tell someone how everything works for your business in a short 3 to 6-minute video on YouTube.

Then, tell people if they want to know how to apply what you mentioned in my video, and then click on the following link that directs them to my website.

Surprisingly, many people who make videos do not have a call to action. No wonder they do not make money with YouTube. Contrary to popular belief, people like to be told what to do beautifully. Tell them that It is easy.


Be open to alternatives

One way to make money on YouTube is through ads. You can earn money by offering a particular product and promote it; Talk about your benefits, and you can probably attract capital.

There are already many ways to earn money by placing videos on YouTube. You have to allocate time and effort to make money with YouTube. You are restricted only by what you want to learn and how much you want to do.



Of all the ways to make money on youtube and to keep the momentum growing, I would have to say that the #1 tip I could give is to be consistent. Now I know that everyone says this but I also know that people never do it.

If you just made a list of video concept and whether you are reading a script or you are just talking on camera about the first thing that comes to mind. Now if you do the first thing that comes to mind just make sure you hang up a list of topics to cover so you don’t say um and uh a 100 times.

Good Luck to you.


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