Who Is The Highest Paying CBD Company In The US?


The cannabidiol industry has been growing at a rapid rate since 2014. In the US alone, there are one hundred and seventy-two companies that produce CBD oil as of 2018.

The 22 billion dollar industry has created employment for many people around the world who earn their living, growing CBD raw materials, manufacturing or packaging CBD oil, and marketing or distributing it.

That is not to mention other indirect workers like receptionists, security guards, drivers, accountants and so on who are employed by cannabidiol companies.

Hemp Legalization to Boost the CBD Industry

With the recent legalization of hemp by president Trump, the industry is expected to grow by 700% in 2020, according to Forbes prediction. Expect to see a CBD kiosk at a market or mall near you, if you have never had one.

For vendors and companies that deal with this product, the legalization of hemp has created a safe and conducive environment to sell cannabidiol oil.

On the other hand, for consumers, it is going to be much easier to locate CBD vendors nearby than it has ever been before, thanks to the many new kiosks selling this product, which have started to pop up daily, following this historic legislation. Then there is this important category of people in the chain, known as affiliates.

Who Are CBD Affiliates?

CBD affiliates are simply people who promote CBD online on behalf of a company. These affiliates will earn a commission out of each sale the company has made as a result of their promotional efforts.

How to Become Part of the CBD Industry’s Success

Do you wish to ride the wave of success in the rapidly growing multibillion-dollar CBD industry? Sign up for a CBD affiliate program rather than seek a full-time job at a company that produces this product.

With full-time employment, you will be limited to your monthly salary and a few other small benefits your employer may offer. But with a lucrative affiliate program, you will have unlimited passive income potential. Every time your company makes a sale, courtesy of you, your bank account will be credited.

It does not matter what time of day it is, consumers will order a product online anytime or any day. That means if your marketing strategy is topnotch, you could be earning 24-7-365.

I know that sounds crazy and I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes from some close friends of mine. This industry is Booming and there is a lot of money to be made.

It is important to note, however, that not all companies will offer the same perks with their CBD affiliate programs. One company may pay its affiliates more than another company. So it is up to you to choose a company that offers a generous affiliate program with attractive commissions. That brings us to the question of who is the highest paying CBD company in the US?

A Brief Introduction to HempWorx!

Before answering the above question, let us talk a little bit about this leading CBD oil company called HempWorxs. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its executive branch consists of three individuals:

• Josh Zwagil—CEO and founder.

• Jenna Zwagil—Co-founder.

• Cody Mckinley—Vice president of sales.

This company offers two primary categories of CBD products i.e. CBD oils and CBD topicals. The CBD Oil is taken orally and starts working with your body to help with physical and mental ailments. The topicals on the other hand are applied on the skin respectively to help with pain and to reduce swelling and other skin issues. In their line of CBD oils, two flagship products are available:

• Hempworx 500.

• Hempworx 750.

The difference between these two products is CBD concentration. Hempworx 500 and Hempworx 750 oils contain 500 milligrams and 750 milligrams CBD concentrations, respectively. Finally, each oil is available in three different flavors i.e; Natural, Peppermint, and Cinnamon CBD flavors.


The Hempworx line of topicals is comprised of three different products:

• Renew

• Revive

• Relief

Renew is an anti-aging cream that contains cannabidiol, apple stem cells and cannabis sativa as the main active ingredients. Revive, on the other hand, is an AM/PM CBD moisturizer that is made from CBD and collagen retinol.

The fact that this is an AM/PM moisturizer means it can be applied to the skin in the morning immediately after getting out of bed or in the evening before going to sleep.

Finally, Relief is a topical product by Hempworx, which is designed to be rubbed over the skin for pain. CBD and emu oil are the active ingredients in this pain rub topical.


Hempworx Affiliate Earnings

To answer the earlier question as to who is the highest paying CBD company in the US, I would confidently say Hempworx. With this company, you can earn more for your affiliate marketing efforts than any other CBD company out there.

Here, you will earn a great commission on every sale that the company has made through your efforts. But that is not all, Hempworx also offers its affiliates attractive rewards and loyalty discounts as well.


How To Become A Super Affiliate with HempWorx!

1. What Type of Affiliate Marketer would You Like to Become?

You can become an in-store affiliate marketer or an online affiliate or both for this leading top CBD oil business. As an in-store marketer, you will be marketing the company’s products physically in your store, which necessarily does not have to offer CBD products alone.

As an online marketer, on the other hand, you will be promoting Hempworx with a unique referral link on your blog, social media accounts or other places on the internet.

Finally, as an in-store affiliate marketer, your job will be to promote Hempworx CBD Oils and topical both online and offline. Actually, this is the best way to make the most money promoting the company’s products because you are targeting both online buyers and traditional ones.

2. Go to Their Website

Once you have decided what type of affiliate you would like to become for Hempworx, go to the company’s website, and Click “Register”.

You can then provide the user name of your referring affiliate if applicable or skip that part by clicking the link below which says “No, I do not have a Referring Affiliate”. Then check the second button that says “Become an Affiliate”, before entering your personal information, including first and last name, email address and phone number.

After that, go to the second part of the account creation form and enter your username plus password. Note that you will be required to confirm your password before proceeding to the second form, which is all about selecting your product package.

3. Fill Out the Product Package Form

On the “Select Your Product Package” part, you can choose to buy one product for 69 dollars, two products for 138 dollars or four products for 199 dollars.

If not, you can select to purchase 12 products for 599 dollars and save 229 bucks. They also offer two entry pet products for 39 dollars each. Not that the cost of shipping has been factored into the price of each product.

4. Fill Out the Billing and Shipping Information Form

Now go to the third form, which entails your billing and shipping information. Enter your payment type, credit card information, billing address and shipping address then click “Continue”, which will take you to the verification page.

5. Review Your Details

On the verification page, check to ensure that all the details you provided are correct. If correct, click “checkout” to complete the registration and product order process.

Once your registration is successful, you will be issued with a unique referral link, which you will use for your affiliate marketing job.

Your products will also be dispatched to your destination immediately so that you are able to receive them in a couple of days.


Final Thoughts

Who is the highest paying CBD company in the US? You know the answer now. If you want to get rich off the multi-billion dollar CBD industry, join Hempworx as an affiliate marketer. Working with Hempworx can be quite amazing taking into account the lucrative commissions and other benefits offered by this top CBD company!

The best thing about affiliate marketing for them is the fact that they provide you with training, guidance, mentorship, and support. You could even use the knowledge you have acquired from the training and guidance in marketing other products.

Besides the training, support, and guidance you receive for free, the company has done a great job in promoting its brand. That means they have already done the heavy lifting part for you. So, when you start pitching to a client, you do not begin from scratch. To learn more or to get started, Check out our CBD Business article here.

Since many buyers are already aware of the quality of Hempworx products, it is going to be much easier for you to get readers to take action. In other words, you do not have to do so much work in order to get your audience to try out Hempworx products, because this brand is already hugely popular.


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