HempWorx: The Highest Compensating Company in the CBD Industry

The Highest Compensating Company in the CBD Industry

It’s quite apparent that the legalization of recreational hemp across Canada and in several states in the US has garnered an intriguing amount of attention of late.

Today the usage of hemp has taken a turn from a spinner alternative for stoners to a mainstream remedy. The truth is right now recreational hemp can be compared to Bitcoin in 2016 only that, recreational hemp is here to stay and to help us solve quite a number of health issues.

Some time back, we hardly knew about recreational hemp which is now commonly referred to as cannabidiol (CBD). Medical/recreational hemp has high levels of CBD contents. In other words, CBD is normally the main ingredient of hemp that makes it recreational.

Right now, to measure the hype that comes with CBD can only be compared to; as if everyone has discovered the benefits of yoga or oxygen today. Different users of CBD products are giving a different testimonial on how these CBD products are igniting their lives making them feel enthused about their lives and how they are looking forward to living a long life.

The uses of CBD products are diverse and just to mention but a few, it helps in treating ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer. According to the AARP website, it has been confirmed that CBD also helps people deal with pain, inflammations and even seizures.

Ideally, it’s the above benefits behind the uses of recreational hemp that have spiked the sudden growth of the CBD industry. Additionally, the fact that hemp CBD is a natural solution to dozens of unprecedented health benefits with nearly no side effects, then it’s expected that people will buy CBD products like there is no tomorrow.

In 2017, the CBD industry hit $10 billion in nationwide sales. According to Forbes 2018 report, CBD is the fastest growing industry in the world and in 2020, it’s speculated that the CBD market could grow up to 700%.

Analysts also speculate that come 2021, the CBD worldwide sales will hit $24.5 billion. Forbes also disclosed that most of the hemp CBD companies make over $40 million in their revenue with more products expected to enter the market.

Competition is also expected to stiffen up and which will result in consolidation and only recognizable brands stand a chance to win.


Considering the fact that CBD did not exist as a product category industry five years ago, the competition is beginning to heat up at a rapid pace with more than hundred companies offering a thousand hemp CBD related products joining the industry.

Amongst the top twenty leading companies in the CBD industry is the HempWorx company.


HempWorx Background

HempWorx CBD oil is an established network marketing company that deals with hemp CBD related products. The company began in 2017 after a merge with ‘My Daily Choice’ which is its parent company.

Ideally, the company was founded by Jenna Zwagil and Josh. The two have ensured that the company is founded on two major pillars that is; providing the best CBD oil products to its clients and ensuring that it has the highest or rather the best compensation plan for its affiliates in the industry.

With the current rise in the standards of living as a well high rate of unemployment, HempWorx provides us with the opportunity to employ ourselves and get the money for our daily needs through affiliations.

The company has amazing deals which you will be able to point out by the end of this piece.


HempWorx Product Line

HempWorx product line is made up of hemp-derived CBD sources and just to be clear these products don’t make you high, their products are more of medicinal products.

HempWorx products are derived exclusively from the hemp plant. Research discloses that there is less than 0.3% TCH which is the part of cannabis that makes you high and for that, HempWorx products are safe for consumption and specifically for medicinal purposes.

The company deals with four major types of CBD products incorporating:

CBD oil:

This happens to be HempWorx flagship product. This product comes in either 500mg or 750 mg concentration and three flavors (Natural, Cinnamon, and Peppermint). CBD oil happens to be the company’s most selling products. They usually extract the CBD oil using the CO2 extraction technique which happens to be the purest extraction method available.

Relief, Revive and Renew creams:

Relief is a mixture of CBD and emu oil which apparently helps smoothen and relax sored muscles. Revive is a cream which reverses signs of aging as well improves texture and complexion. Renew on the other hand is an anti-aging cream which makes the skin appear younger, tighter and brighter.

Coffee and Creamer:

This is a CBD and Arabica infused coffee. They usually contain 5mg of CBD among other powerful ingredients. The creamer comes in different flavors and it also has some CBD contents in it.

CBD Dog Treats and Oil: – these products are made of 2.5 mg CBD beef flavored treat and bacon flavored CBD oil containing 250mg of CBD. CBD dog-related products are becoming popular to mean that they help in the overall wellness of a dog as well as anxiety.

HempWorx Compensation Plan

To this end its rather apparent that HempWorx has a remarkable range of products through which its affiliates can sell and earn. The most intriguing fact about these products is the fact that they are already established and health approved products with varying benefits.

Similarly, HempWorx has a compensation plan which outlines the various ways through which you can earn, how much you can earn and what are the qualifications to become a HempWorx affiliate.

Briefly, just as any other networking marketing companies there are two major ways through which you can earn and the first way you can earn is through selling HempWorx CBD products. The second way is through referring potential clients into the business opportunity.

Ideally, in this section, I’ll breakdown everything into two detailed sections so that you can understand why HempWorx is the best and the highly compensating company in the CBD industry.

  1. Getting started as a HempWorx Affiliate

The first thing you should be aware of before even considering to start at HempWorx is the fact that the company bares in mind that we are wired different in the sense that, individuals have different capabilities and for that person who is good in sales can earn through making sales on their own or through referring others to the business, so just you can make sales you can also recruit other who sell the products and as a result earn a commission.

Having clarified that, to become a HempWorx affiliate all you need to do is to purchase a product pack as well pay an activation fee of $20 which is very fair compared to other CBD companies who charge up to $100.

To become an active affiliate the minimum pack you can purchase is the builder pack for $69. You can also purchase a pack of up to $299 which is an executive depending on your financial capabilities.

  1. Ways you Can earn at HempWorx

Notably, there are eight major ways through which you can earn in the HempWorx business opportunity incorporating;

Retail and preferred customer commission which is paid weekly: – this type of earning is paid on retail purchases.

Jumpstart bonus: – this type of earning pays out residual commission based on the affiliates business volume (BV) of products made within a specified period.

These include orders from both preferred customers and affiliates. It’s important to note that each HempWorx product has its own BV attached to it and how much you earn depends on your affiliate rank since each rank has its own earning percentage.

Binary commission: -this works on referrals. The more you refer people and make actual purchases the more you earn. Again, the amount you can earn also depends on your affiliate rank and the BV generated.

Leadership checking matching: – this one normally pays a percentage of binary commissions to one’s downline earnings in a given month. The higher the rank, the higher the check matching bonus you earn.

Global bonus pool program: – it’s based on the company’s total global revenue. HempWorx sets aside 2% of the total global business volume each month and distributes the share to the qualifying affiliates.

Rank bonuses: -this is simply a bonus that is paid to affiliates who have reached a certain rank within the company. The higher the rank you achieve, the higher the bonuses you are expected to achieve.

VIP auto club: -once an affiliate earns one of the four rank advancement bonuses above, they qualify to earn a vehicle bonus and the catch is you have to stick to the company’s logo on the car.

Elite expense account program: – this is normally a bonus to the top four affiliate ranks and helps in covering miscellaneous expenses. HempWorx understands that building a successful networking marketing business requires a lot of hard work and which is costly.


In Conclusion

Conclusively, given the above breakdown of HempWorx’s products and compensation plan, it’s apparent that this company is not a scam.

The truth is many network marketing opportunities operate as a pyramid which recruits schemes in disguise but from the above analysis HempWorx is legit and is actually the highest compensating company compared to other companies in the CBD industry.

As far as compensation is concerned, there’s definitely an opportunity in HempWorx to earn money and make it a full-time income depending on the amount of work you put in, join the team and became wealthy.


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