Charlotte’s Web Vs. Hempworx Affiliate Program

Charlotte's Web Vs. Hempworx Affiliate Program

What is Hempworx?

Created from hemp plants that are sourced from local Kentucky farms, Hempworx is produced using a naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) specifically from hemp plants. It is just one of 85 identified cannabinoids that have been found in cannabis plants.

Hempworx is specifically extracted from the cannabis using a pure, solvent free extract. Hemp has a long history in the United States and after a period of disuse, it has now become a popular, re-emerging product.

Hempworx supplies hemp oil in two concentrations (500 mg and 750 mg) and three naturally flavors (peppermint, natural, and cinnamon). They do not contain any synthetics, fillers, or GMOs, and are farmed using organic methods e.g. no pesticides.

Hempworx sells oils in two versions: THC Free and Full Spectrum. Full Spectrum contains small amounts of THC, while the THC Free oil is self explanatory. Those are the basic product–Hempworx also sells infused coffee, keto coffee creamer, anti aging cream, revive cream, relief icy pain rub, and pet treats.

Why use this product instead of the traditional products that we are sold every day by the mainstream media–cold creams for wrinkles, pills for headaches, etc?

Because you have the opportunity to treat whatever problem you have using natural methods, with virtually no side effects.

Hemp Infused Coffee and Keto Coffee Creamer–made from arabica beans and containing 5 mg of hemp CBD, Hempworx coffee soothes your anxiety while the coffee product increases your energy. It also has the added bonus of improving your mood, as both caffeine and CBDs increase serotonin levels in your brain.

Anti Aging Cream and Revive Cream–both containing 50 mg of cannabidiol (CBD), these creams help enhance your skin cells, which in turn helps enhance both the appearance and texture of your skin, making for brighter, healthier, and younger looking skin. The CBD content helps quicken the process of skin cell regeneration, offering a much quicker and natural result.

Relief Icy Pain Rub–containing no THC and 50 mg of Active Cannabidiol, this rub helps restore and gives relief to muscle pain.

Pet treats–Hempworx offers beef flavored treats that contain 2.5 mg of oil, as well as 250 mg of bacon infused oil.

Overall, hempworx products can work as both a natural anti-anxiety and antidepressant aid if used properly, as well as provide natural pain relief to injuries. Last but not least, it can be used as a natural beauty aid.

What is Charlotte’s Web?

Charlotte’s Web, a company that produces hemp CBD oil products boasts of their credo, “trust earned naturally”, as created by their founders–the Stanley brothers–seven brothers who created Charlotte’s Web, a non psychoactive hemp plant. 

They are not an organically certified company, although they use many organic practices–the herbicides, pesticides, and mildewcides that they spray on their plants are all certified organic.

Marketed and sold mainly in oil form, Charlotte’s Web offers their oils in the form of four options, each with a different strength/concentration for you to choose from. They are: Original Formula, Full Strength, Extra Strength, and Maximum Strength. 

There are three different concentrations to choose from, labeled as: Full Strength (1x), Extra Strength (2x), and Original Strength (8x). If you do not like taking oil, Charlote’s Web also offers their product in capsule form, in two versions: Full Strength CBD Capsules containing 8 mg of oil and Extra Strength CBD Capsules containing 18 mg of oil.

Their products also include CBD Isolate, Topical, and CBD for Dogs.

The Topical product includes two products that are called Hemp Infused Cream and Hemp Infused Balm. Both contain essential oils and natural moisturizers for your skin.

CBD Isolate is 20 mg of hemp oil per serving, and used a supplement to your daily routine. The amount you take can vary, according to your daily needs. It contains no THC.

Lastly, the CBD for Dogs contains 25 mg of hemp extract in an MCT oil that contains 16.5 mg of CBD oil. This product is primarily used to not only calm an anxious dog, but help with joint and hip problems when added to their food.

Charlotte’s Web also offers starter packs and sell bundles.

Their CBD Bundles include: CBD Oil Starter Bundle- One Month, CBD Capsules Starter Bundle- One Month, CBD Oil Starter Bundle- Two Month Supply, and CBD Capsule Starter Bundle- Two Month Supply.

Within these bundles, you can choose the flavor that you want, and are also given one topical balm and a “Five Minute” journal.

Charlotte’s Web Bulk Products include Full Strength Hemp Oil (5 bottles of 30 ml or 100 ml size), Extra Strength Hemp Oil (5 bottles of 30 ml or 100 ml size), and Full Strength CBD Capsules (30 ct or 60 ct).



Both Hempworx and Charlotte’s Web, on the surface, seem to be the same companies. Both sell products that contain cannabinoid oil (CBD) derived from hemp plants.

One company–Charlotte’s Web–is somewhat of a media darling, with its origin story. Seven brothers from seemingly the middle of nowhere (Colorado) invented a new, non-psychoactive hemp plant.

They’ve been featured on several news shows, including 60 minutes, as pioneers of the industry. Whereas Hempworx seems to not have such an impressive origin story but is merely a company.

What does that mean to any regular customer? Should any potential customer judge the products by which origin story appeals most to them–the down-home brothers who made their way into a burgeoning industry or the seemingly faceless corporate company?

No, as a customer I choose not to judge by those standards. A company’s origins do not matter to me.

So what does?

The products. The company’s customer service.

This goes for any and every company. What do I, as the customer get from Hempworx that I don’t get from Charlotte’s Web, and vice versa?

Both companies have a generous return policy–Hempworx offers returns within the first 60 days if you decide that any of their products are not for you, while Charlotte’s Web only offers returns within the first 30 days.

The products themselves are different, and so are marketed towards different types of customers. Charlotte’s Web seems to be more for those who want to use the oil as more of a dietary supplement and add on to their daily routine.

Whether this is swallowing the oil down straight or adding it to their food or drinks themselves. It also offers products to help your (presumably elderly) dog, but overall it is oil and capsules marketed as supplements to help improve your energy levels.

Hempworx takes a different approach, one that appeals a lot more to me. You can buy their product as a straight oil or infused in several other products that are not limited to anti-aging creams, drinks (coffee), pain relief, and pet treats.

I find this to be a lot more appealing because this is the type of service that a busy person like myself needs.

Instead of measuring out the amount of oil I need to add to the coffee I have to make already, I can just buy coffee beans and coffee creamers that are already infused with the perfect amount of oil for me.

Instead of spending money on anti-aging creams that are filled with unnatural, skin burning chemicals, I can buy a cream that is infused with a plant that has been on this earth for hundreds of years and used just as long.

Instead of having to mix my CBD oil with another carrier oil or lotion, I can use the Relief Icy Pain Rub to help relieve my pain as soon as I can get the top off of the container.

Instead of only being able to add oil to my dog’s food, I can use Hempworx’s beef flavored dog treats to give my pet some variety in his treats and diet. If I want to add flavored oil to his food, then I can.

When it comes down to it, the biggest selling point for Hempworx over Charlotte’s Web for me is convenience. It is not about which product is “better”, but about which product works better for me. I do not have to plan as much when using the product.

I have more of a choice–I can either order the oil or I can order a product that it has already been added to. While this may seem like a small matter, on busy days it means a great deal to me that it is one more thing I don’t have to think about.

However, this does not mean that Charlotte’s Web produces bad products or is a bad company–it just means that it is not the company for me and my needs.

It is also a point of favor for Hempworx that it is produced using organic methods. While Charlotte’s Web is getting to that point, I take CBD oil because I want a natural supplement to my diet, not so I can ingest something that has been sprayed in pesticides.

So, I would choose Hempworx over Charlotte’s Web products for the convenience factor alone, and I know I am not the only person.


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