CBD Oil Internet Business – How To Profit From The Fastest Growing Industry In The World

CBD Oil Internet Business

There are 2 different CBD business models that are used by people today. The only difference is that while one purchases wholesale goods and sells them at retail prices. The other goes through a company that is already established and sells online by directing people to a specific website.

I want to share why my team and I have chosen the latter. Of the many reasons we chose the CBD Oil Internet Business Model, here are our top reasons why:


The cost of managing a storefront, employee’s & merchandise would get crazy expensive. How do storefront’s pay for these costs? How else? By increasing the retail price of your product and charging the consumer more in order to pay for your expenses and still turn out a profit.

Legal Issues

I won’t lie. There are some legal issues with CBD. Specifically on the THC side of things. The great thing about working with an established company is that they have already worked with the FDA to ensure that their products are all within the legal requirements.

Our team works with a supplier that takes the orders and ships out the product after verified quality checks to ensure that the product meets our quality guidelines and the legal requirements.

Effective Marketing

Since I come from an Internet marketing background, having a strong marketing team is important to me just as it should be to everyone.

I looked at several teams before deciding to build my own. I have partnered with a company with a great system and joined a team that really knows how to network as well as use free marketing techniques to build a strong business.

Grow Your Business With My Help!

So, I am interested in taking on new people in my business. In return for joining my team and helping me to skyrocket passed the current Super Affiliates.

I am willing to take a select group of people and teach them how I market my CBD Oil Internet Business in order to help you grow your own business.

In order to keep my sanity, I will have to keep this team somewhat exclusive but if you Join Right Now. I will work with you to teach you the best strategies to really grow your business.

I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form to reach out to me with any concerns you may have. Talk to you soon.

History of CBD

The use of CBD is believed to have started in 2727 BC. This is when the Chines Emperor Sheng Neng used cannabis-based tea to heal ailments like malaria, poor memory and gout. Throughout history cannabis had served as a valuable therapeutic resource; however, during the rise of modern medicine, it was not recognized by most in the medical community due to lack of scientific evidence.

This changed in 1893 when Irish physician and medical researcher, William B. O’Shaughnessy, published a study which investigated the plant’s therapeutic effects. The Irish researcher just opened doors towards discovery of the compound that is called cannabinoids. Advancement in research and technology revealed the presence of compounds within cannabis plant. An individual cannabinoid was first discovered when British chemist Robert S. Cahn reported the partial structure of Cannabinol (CBN) in 1940.

DR. Raphael Mecholam made the first breakthrough towards understanding the effects of individual cannabinoids in 1963 when he successfully identified the stereochemistry of CBD. As research advanced, a landmark history was attained when Mexico passed the 1978 controlled Substance therapeutic research Act. This was a bill that legalized the medical value of cannabis.

Interest in the therapeutic application of cannabinoids revealed the discovery of additional cannabinoids, further understanding of cannabinoid structure and the amazing breakthrough of our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – a network of receptors that interact with receptors found in CBN. As researched progressed it lead to explosion of interest in the U.S. with its legalization the researchers could expand their studies into CBN medical use.

CBD Oils Business

CBD is becoming popular due to its wide scope of medicinal value and support of clinical report showing little or no side effects. This has caused more and more states across the U.S alter their laws to allow for legal use of the cannabinoid. This was mainly supported by testimonies of patients like Charlotte who suffered 300 seizures a week. After using CBN her seizers decreased by 99% to around 2 or 3 in a month.

With improvement of technology many companies are opting for online business rather than the retails shops where they need to maintain and set-up.

CBD oil internet business is where sales of the CBD oil products is done online. This helps to save money for set-up and operational cost. By becoming an online CBD oil distributor you can cater for a big market compared to a retail store. If the products are not accepted where you stay, selling online helps to cover a large demographical area.

For one doing strictly online business, they push for traffic in their website in order to get loads of order for their products. You build good relations to guarantee repeat orders and referrals. You need to be motivated and have business skills like sales and marketing. You need to be persuasive and convincing as you don’t have any face to face interaction with your clients. You need to give assurance that the products you are selling are above board as far as quality is concerned.

For one to succeed in the CBD oil business they need to understand customer needs, taste and preferences. These helps in meeting customer wants and building a good customer base. One is able to sell their clients the best products which are verifiable. CBD is the fastest growing industry.

The growing market means a lot of competion and therefore one needs to stand out to get organic customers visiting their website and making purchases. There are various ways you can market yourself online to attract many customers. Commonly used tool is social media. When using social media to advertise one need to be active and post the product regularly to get new clients. Ensure the product is well explained and try to get as many likes as possible which you can translate into sales.

For successful marketing on social media, you have to ensure your profile contain description of the CBD oils and a link to the website where customers can access and buy your products. You can add hashtags in your profile to standout. HempWorx products are pure and verifiable making them easy to sell online.

HempWorx CBD Oil Internet Business

HempWorx is a CBD industry leader that was launched with the aim of introducing an exciting range of unique and beneficial products. This was to cater to the growing list of customers who positively benefit from hemp properties. The founders believe that the best is yet to come in the industry that is growing tremendously to be a trillion dollar industry.

HempWorx was started by Josh and Jenna Zwagil in May 2017. Josh merged his company My Daily Choice that specialized with supplements with HempWorx. HempWorx was Jenna’s idea. This came to mind when she was waiting to see a doctor due to celiac disease. She read an article about the effectiveness of cannabis in treating the autoimmune disorder. Within a week of using CBD oils, she started to notice positive changes in her health and that how HempWorx came to be.

They purpose to provide global customers with high quality hemp products that are affordable and different. They watch all developments in the field and know that the possibilities for creating new products are endless; quoting Forbes they speak of the potential for over 25 000 products.

Their mission is two-fold: To bring this super-food back to the rest of the world and to empower people. Besides retailing their products online, Hempworx is also a wholesaler and offers affiliate partnerships

HempWorx provides real products of reasonably good quality that are sold to customers that are willing to purchase them. Instead of employing the idea of self-sufficiency through their own advertisement and marketing they use multi-level marketing business model. Each sale is credited to one of their affiliates who receive a commission for the sale.

Affiliates are also incented to recruit new affiliates to sell the product. HempWorx is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company allowing you to earn commissions from building a hemp-based business. Multi-level marketing allows you to earn from your own sales and from sales of the team you have created. This enables one to earn from multiple levels, making it a lucrative business.

Multi-level marketing is a business model which involves a pyramid structured network of people who sell a company’s products in this case HempWorx. The members in this network are usually compensated on a commission basis. That is people in this network are paid commission every time they sell the products and make referrals.

This model involves a pyramid structure of non-salaried people earn commission by selling or when a person below them makes a sale. In this case, the consumers are the participants. It’s called multi-level marketing because you don’t only get paid for the business you bring but also you get paid the business that your team brings in, up to the seventh level.

HempWorx products are of high quality enabling one to take pride in selling them. Their compensation plan is good making them the best in the industry. They are prompt to pay commission to ensure there are no complaints from participants. Because it’s a legit business, participants are supposed, to be honest in their dealings with customers and new recruits.

For the business to be successful one need to identify the target market and focus on them. HempWorx ships to all the 50 states in the U.S and it’s the fastest shipping services experienced in the market. This makes it easy to sell their products as customers receive them on time.

Due to their high quality, they provide a 60-day guarantee to refund your money if the products you purchased don’t work. They also offer great deals for those who do monthly purchases of buy3 get 1 free. Their pricing is considerably lower compared to other CBD products in the market. For HempWorx 500mg it goes for $69 while the 750mg sales at $89.

Production of HempWorx Products

HempWorx products are produced from domestically grown, organic and non-GMO hemp. All their products are made in the USA. Furthermore, the hemp used to extract the oil is grown in Kentucky farms that are 100% compliant. These are finding you can find on their website which is up-to-date with the test results.

This is achieved by ensuring every batch they produce undergoes third party testing to ensure that the safety, quality, and effectiveness of their products uphold their company standards. They have an expert team of researchers, chemists, and product formulators who use CO2 extraction with their oils.

This is the most expensive and safest pyto-extraction method that allows HempWorx has the lowest THC levels as laid down by the FDA. Their raw materials are then dried to remove pathogens, molds and heavy metal. This gives its customers high-quality hemp extracts.

The whole hemp plants also contain other natural plant chemicals such as trepenes, sugar, flavonoids and secondary cannabinoids, which institute more than 500 trace compounds. The full spectrum plant offers the Endocannabinoid System the full profile of CBD, CBG and CBN giving 120 cannabinoids which hinder CB2 receptors. This is the purest form of CBD available.

They educate the public on the use, history, and science of cannabinoids adding a critical thinking element to customer experience. HempWorx has some of the amplest certificates of analysis of any vendor in the industry. They empower people to start a home based business and become financially independent. HempWorx is a high level, top-shelf company that equally rivals top names in the industries as far as quality is concerned.

Their innovation is so high such that they are able to blend hemp seed oil with CO2 extracted from CBD to great a great product for their clients. They use supercritical technology to extract over 400 phytonutrients from the raw hemp material and they don’t use harmful solvent or heat.

Customer satisfaction is part of their main concern. HempWorx has a number of advantages. The product contains therapeutic levels of cannabidiol which has various benefits including;

· Improved cardiovascular health

· Reduced inflammation

· Relief of aches and pain

· Reduced anxiety and antidepressant effect

· With a combination of a healthy diet, they help to regulate blood sugar.

· Assists in weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise

· Healthier skin

· Helps the immune system due to the anti-oxidants in the plant

· Improves digestion and helps with sleep problems.

HempWorx CBD Products

Their product lineup consist of; CBD oils drops, CBD cream and CBD oils for pets.

The oils come in two categories that are; HempWorx 500mg and HempWorx 750mg. both concentrations contain pure CBD oil as the main ingredient. The oils are added cinnamon and peppermint flavors to improve the overall tastes. The required dosage is placed under the tongue, for some seconds before swallowing.

The tissue under the tongue acts as rapid distributors to the blood. They have a fast absorption into the bloodstream of up to 98%.this is due to containing the full spectrum CBD.

For both products, a single serving size 1ml (20 drops) and there are 30 servings in each 30ml container. The only differences that the HempWorx 500mg bottle contains about 16.6mg CBD oil per serving, while the ‘750 mg’ bottle contains about 25 mg per serving.

CBD Oil Affiliate Business

The HempWorx 500mg may help anyone from pets, young and old members of the family with minor issues. The 750mg helps to relieve insomnia, migraine, depression, anxiety and mental chemical imbalance.

HempWorx CBD Tropical creams come in three different variations that are Relief, Renew and Revive. The ‘Relief’ is an icy muscle rub that helps to easy pain in joints. The ‘Renew’ cream is an ant-aging while the “Revive’ is an anti-aging with collagen.

The HempWorx CBD pet oils include the 250mg pet specific CBD oil, as well as bacon, flavored CBD dog treat.

HempWorx is one of the best commission paying companies.

· CBD is not approved by the FDA as medication and they are not professional healthcare providers.

· For you to make any purchase online you have to create an account before you order.

Future of HempWorx

In the light of the recent developments in the field of epilepsy and seizures, and the recent FDA approval of Epidiolex for the treatment of two rare forms of childhood epilepsy, the company believes that as more research is conducted there will soon be many more positive developments in the treatment for many other disorders.

Research has already shown that CBD oil can help reduces inflammation and chronic pain while is also a great reliever of anxiety and stress.

While the perception towards CBD has progressed dramatically over the years, CBD still is not fully normalized across the country. There are still many who are against the use of CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds.

In order for CBD to reach its full potential and change the lives of as many people as possible, there is still more work that needs to be done. While there may be some challenges ahead, the strength of the CBD community has shown that nothing is going to stand in its way.

CBD Oil Internet Business Conclusion

Compared to other CBD oils in the industry, HempWorx produces oils of the highest quality with good analysis and testing on all of their products.

Their affiliate program is 1 of the best paying in the industry with up to 85% of commissions paid on sales done on referrals.

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