CBD Oil Affiliate Business

CBD Oil Affiliate Business

CBD oil is a very beneficial essential oil. That is why it finds applicability in numerous fields of use. Many people are also increasingly appreciating its significance. This surge in the number of potential and interested users has induced a spike in the demand for the product.

To address this demand, many affiliate programs have been put in place by numerous marketers of the commodity. Being so many and diverse, it is often daunting on your part to arrive at the most feasible one. That is why a substantive guide of this kind is by all means called for.

We are going to exhaustively discuss this whole issue of CBD oil affiliate business in its totality. We are going to do so by addressing the common issues and facts regarding this business.

Among them are the most lucrative affiliate programs available and the factors to consider while arriving at the best one.


CBD Oil affiliate marketing programs are those that enlist third parties to sell their products and services. They pass one some commission to those third parties for every unit of the product sold. Before enrolling anyone in their program, they have to ascertain that the applicants have certified some stringent requirements.

Examples of these include not having engaged in any serious crimes in the past, possessing some experience in matters merchandise, sales, and promotions, and being passionate about advancing the course of humanity and the use of the CBD oil as a whole.

To be able to make more money, you have to drive as much traffic to your affiliate site as possible. You should also be aggressive enough to push the products down the throats of the potential clients as much as possible. Remember, you are always competing with many other sellers. You have to really outshine them if you hope to stay in business.


For you to find the right CBD oil affiliate program, there are a number of factors you have to care for. That is because they have the impact of determining to a large extent your own marketing experience, profit margins, and the challenges you might confront while selling the products. The following are the main factors to consider:

Startup Capital

Most of these programs will usually want their would-be affiliates to raise some start-up capital. The amount varies from one program to another. You should skim the various programs in existence to determine how much startup capital they levy. It is only then that you will be able to arrive at the best one.

Generally speaking, you are advised to prioritize those programs that levy little startup capital. That is because you do not want to gamble too much. It is necessary that you start with the one that is cheaper so that even if it fails, you will not have lost much.

If you can find one which does not levy any startup capital, by all means, go for it. You will save a lot of money and in the course of so doing, have the peace of mind required to make robust sales of the CBD oil products.

Commission Rates

As has already been stated, these businesses do pay out some commissions on every product that is sold. Just like the startup capitals, the commissions levied also vary extensively from one program to another one. It is hence necessary that you factor this rate as well.

Needless to say, the best company or program on the basis of this consideration has to be one which dishes out the highest rates of commission possible. Simply skim the various programs on offer and find out how much they do promise in terms of commission.

While at this, you also have to examine the other ‘strings’ that are attached to the commission. Some may have some sneaky terms and conditions which may be difficult to meet and hence deny you any commission at all. It is only by mastering these conditions that you will be able to arrive at the best purchase.

Payment Periods

After how long do they remit your dues? Is it after a week, fortnight, or a month? While at it, for how long might you be willing to hold on before your payment is released?

It is necessary to ask yourself these two sets of questions while searching for the right program. The best program should not keep you waiting for too long.

Ideally, it should give you the freedom to select which payment plan you are most comfortable with. This should also be changeable every now and then at your convenience.

It is also important that you factor the payment options. See to it that you choose a plan whose payment options you are conversant and readily applicable with.

Again, you want one whose payment options and plans are numerous and flexible. This is to assure you some confidence and peace of mind.

Customer Service

It is not uncommon for issues to arise every now and then. That is why robust customer service is by all means required for successful selling of these essential oils.

You hence have to ascertain that your program of choice has in place a robust customer service regime.

This service has to preferably be availed on a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week basis. Further to this, the executives have to be courteous and always on standby to handle your inquiries with the utmost modesty.

Given that disasters may stroke any day at any time without notice, customer care has to be able to accept inquiries via diverse means. These include telephone contacts, e-mail addresses, web forms, and mobile app.

Cookie Duration

This refers to the total length of time that the affiliate links will be valid. This is a very serious consideration. That is because it has the ability to make or break the situation. If a user visits your site via this affiliate link, it is only then that you will be entitled to some commission.

You should hence be sure that your affiliate’s cookie duration is the longest possible. You definitely want to make the most of your marketing initiative. Generally, though, most companies do maintain a duration of around 30 days.

Company Reputation

Lastly, you also want to factor the reputation of the company you are interested in promoting its products as well. These are companies who employ only the right manufacturing processes to generate high-quality product outcomes.

They are also transparent in their dealings with the affiliates like you. This is mainly because their customer care regimes are well equipped, highly flexible, and are courteous enough to handle all your queries with the professionalism that is required.

Moreover, people are more likely to purchase their products as opposed to those of companies which are not so reliable. This means fewer hassles on your part, a fact that leads to higher profit margins and solidified market share.


Having known the factors to consider while finding the right affiliate program, it is now necessary to know how to market the CBD oil products. The following are some of the tips which you have to adhere to if you intend to make your marketing venture a success:

Tip #1: Know the source and be sure it is legal

You have to be certain that you only deal in genuine products. That is why you have to know the source of the product you are intent on promoting. Insist only on those products that are genuine. Also, make sure that their sources and ingredient compositions are legitimate.

This is to prevent unnecessary issues and disputes from arising between you the marketer, and the buyers. To enable you to do a better job, you have to see to it that you comply with all the set standards by the various governing authorities and bodies.

To be able to win the confidence of your client, always share this information with them. Reassure them about the authenticity of your products. It is only then that they will gladly place orders to acquire and make use of your merchandise.

Tip #2: Provide your customers with some previews

Customers are normally reluctant to part with their money if they are not so sure of the product they are likely to get in return. It is for this reason that it makes some sense to provide them some previews. These previews can take various shapes and forms.

In most instances, they should showcase the ingredient mix of the CBD oils, the labels, logo, expiry dates, and the appearances of their containers. Be on standby also to receive any complaints or clarifications regarding the product you have on offer.

Tip #3: Maintain some truthfulness in all your dealings

In all your dealings with your clients, you are advised to main some truthfulness. Do not over-exaggerate the truth to make your product appear more appealing to your target market.

If and when they find out that your information was not completely truthful, their confidence will be dampened leading to the cancelation of orders.

Moreover, you might also land in trouble with the various authorities. That is because falsehoods are generally punishable by just about every other jurisdiction out there.

Just be plain and honest. You might not bring in many customers but at least you will win the trust of many potential clients.

Tip #4: Target your marketing appropriately

To avoid wasting too much of your time and guarantee the highest returns on your money, you want to approach this issue of marketing wisely. To be able to achieve this, you have to delineate your target market appropriately.

Factor the demographics, distribution, and income levels of the geographical area you are interested in. after this, go ahead to channel your marketing in such a way as to appeal to these people using the most relevant tools.

From time to time, examine the progress of your marketing techniques to see to it that you are indeed making some meaningful headway.

Definitely, you have to alter or re-strategize your marketing in such a way as to counter and mitigate any challenges you might have already identified.

Tip #5: Uphold excellence in customer service

Lastly, you also want to uphold some excellence in customer service. Even after closing a deal, your clients might still have some issues in their minds. For instance, they might be stuck while getting started on their use of the products. They will often come back to you for advice.

Be ready and willing to provide this advice freely and readily. Remember, the manner in which you treat your clients will usually determine to a great extent whether they might come back again. Be futuristic in your mind. Treat them well to guarantee their return to your company.


#1: Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program

If you want to make a kill in your first payout, this Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program is the one to enroll in. That is because it has a high starting payout commission of a whopping 20%. Further to this, it does have a tiered payment structure and pattern. This only leads to more income.

This is the platform for that person who has great networking skills and potentials. The reason here is that it is mostly structured in such a way as to bring in more income for every connection made. It also confers some 5% commission for every referral brought in by your network.

Program Highlights

• A whopping 20% commission rate which can be altered

• 5% commission on affiliate referrals

• Weekly payouts mean greater flexibility of receiving payments

• 30-day cookie duration

• Allows you to work with authority sites and active audiences

• A highly reputable company to work with

#2: CBD Sky Affiliate Program

This is the latest entrant into the field of CBD oil sales and marketing. This notwithstanding, it is also a force to reckon with. That is because it has caught up with and also outpaced quite a number of the earlier entrants who were already well-established.

You definitely want to try your luck. Setting this program apart from many others is the fact that its products are rated by real persons, not counterfeits or coached people.

Your clients will hence not complain at all about being short-changed by the commodities they buy from you. This gives them the confidence to keep ordering more of your merchandise in the future.

Program Highlights

• 30% commission for a start

• Complemented by online advertisers and social media influencers

• Lifetime compensation on condition that your customers keep placing orders

• Direct cash digital payouts from the company

• 30-day cookie duration for lengthened exposure of your products

• Social media support principally through Facebook

#3: Joy Organics Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Joy Organics Affiliate Program stocks only those CBD oils which are grown organically. In all, this product is premium, pharmaceutical-grade and contain no tetrahydrocannabinol substance at all.

This makes them safer and more conducive for the use of your clients. It also sets them apart from the other competitors.

Other than the core of the CBD oil, this program also promotes all the co-operant pieces of equipment needful for administering the oil.

Examples of these include the oil tinctures, energy drink mix, face mask, curcumin, vape pen, cartridge, and day cream, among others. You hence have a wider income stream.

Program Highlights

• 25% commission earnings on each sale

• Gives you the power to create special discount codes for your clients

• High converting banners for your marketing undertaking

• Fortnight commission payouts

• Higher-than-average conversion rates

• Robust backend professional customer service support

• Expedited entry and enrolment into the program

#4: Vape Bright Affiliate Program

Different kinds of people require varying CBD oil potency to be able to achieve the necessary impacts and highs. The Vape Bright range of products is designed for those who require very potent oils.

That is because they are naturally high and rich in potency. This notwithstanding, they are devoid of any undesirable carrier liquids.

Its affiliate program has experienced some raging success in the field of the consumption and promotions of the CBD oils.

This being the case, you should stand to experience some benefits by enrolling in the program.

What’s more? All orders are handled strictly via the online platform which subsequently saves on time.

Program Highlights

• An impressive commission rate of about 25%

• Direct tracking via the website and coupons

• Solidified customer base with each referral

• Lifetime commissions from every customer referred

• Highest-industry quality products

• Certified lab results which assure your clients the best of the best outcomes

• Excellent shipping for all clients

Affiliate Program: https://vapebright.com/affiliate-area/vape-bright-affiliate-program/

#5: CBD Pure Affiliate Program

CBD Pure Affiliate Program is so called because it only deals in merchandises which are pure in nature. Moreover, its range of products has been noted to boost daily health regimens.

For this reason, you have to enroll in the scheme if you are intent on leveraging the advantages of transparent vending in the CBD oil industry.

This affiliate program is unlike any other. That is because it is supervised and armed with a team of researchers and marketers who complement your sales efforts.

They do so by testing the templates, designs, messaging angles and other tools which are necessary for experiencing high conversion rates.

Program Highlights

• 40% commission on all the retail sales inflows

• Monthly payments to all the members of the affiliate team

• Superior customer services for both the publishers and customers

• 90-day money-back guarantee on all the products sold and promoted by the company

• Free product analysis which may be reviewed also upon request

#6: CannaTrading Affiliate Program

CannaTrading Affiliate Program is mostly geared towards the promotion of tinctures and capsules. Its range of CBD oil is derived from those hemp plants that are specially bred to industrial standards.

This combined with the careful extraction methods see to it that only the purest of the CBD oil is extracted (contains only 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol).

Most clients who prefer this oil are those who are engaged in medicinal use and applications. That is because this range of products has proved pretty effective at mitigating a couple of healthcare issues.

By enrolling in this affiliate scheme, you too are assured a piece of the revenue inflows.

Program Highlights:

• 25% commission of new customer sales

• Universal shipping reach

• Bi-weekly instant digital verified payout

• 60-day cookie duration

Affiliate Link: https://cannatrading.co/cbd-affiliate-program/

#7: HempWorx Affiliate

‘Time is money,’ so goes the old English adage. Indeed, you do not want to spend too much of your time ‘chasing after the wind.’

You want to make the most from the limited time you have. That is why we ask you to try out the HempWorx Affiliate program.

The program is by far the most lucrative of all the ones in existence today. It assures you some 85% commission on all the sales you make. No other program comes even close to this. M

Moreover, it has a very large and diverse product portfolio. This guarantees you numerous income streams.

Program Highlights

• Does not require huge upfront investments

• Only a one-time $20 activation fee

• Robust long-term growth and marketing share

• $100m in sales revenue

• Flexible and timely payment options

• Only genuine products which are also accredited

• The relative ease of entering and hitting sales targets

• Reliable back-end support for your company and business

Affiliate Link: https://www.hempworx.com/opportunity

#8: Koi CBD Affiliate Program

Most affiliate programs are designed as side hustles. That is because both the workload and revenue inflows are low. This is not the case for the Koi CBD Affiliate Program.

On the contrary, it is intended for the full-time earner who wants to devote the entire life, time and effort to promoting the relevant products.

Unlike most other competing programs, this one has fewer participants. This translates to higher revenue inflows to the few who succeed in enrolling here. Getting started is not so easy.

That is because each applicant is screened against some stringent standards. Moreover, one has to maintain a certain level of performance to keep being eligible.

Program Highlights

• Minimum commission payout threshold of $100 in for the monthly payout

• The minimum threshold of $1,000.00 per month in sales for eligibility for payments

• The 90-day window for targeting the minimum threshold

• 15% commission on every product sold on KoiCBD.com

• Payments processed on the 15th of each month

#9: CBD Rethink Affiliate

CBD Rethink Affiliate is a very flexible affiliate program. Irrespective of the kind of merchandise or traffic you possess, the site can help you to convert it into cash.

This means some utmost peace of mind and higher revenue inflows at the same time. It also stands apart from the other programs in several ways.

It does confer some generous ranking system. You won’t have to wait too long to be able to rake in your first income. Immediately upon enrolling in the program, you commence earning 10% commissions. This rate surges to around 20% with the passage of time and execution of more sales deals.

Program Highlights

• Simple and easy payouts

• Prompt payments (typically within the first 10 days of each month)

• Variable income generating streams

• High minimum payout of around $100

• High-quality merchandise and product portfolio

• cGMP and FDA inspections and certifications

• Seamless backup and customer care initiative

Affiliate Link: https://cbdrethink.com/affiliate-register-page/

#10: CBDPure Affiliate Program

Finally comes the CBDPure Affiliate Program. It is a leader in the provision of CBD oils which have been formulated using only organic hemp oil and pure CBD extract.

Its range of products fill some untapped niches. This affiliate program endeavors to sell and promote them for others to buy and use.

By enrolling in this scheme, you are assured some fair degree of revenue inflows. This is because the range of products sells like hotcakes.

You are guaranteed that the ones you have in stock shall be disposed of soonest possible. This leads to reduced frustrations on your part.

Program Highlights

• Unparalleled backup in the field of CBD oil sales and marketing

• 40% commission payout on all retail sales

• Monthly payments

• Conversion testing from time to time

• Industry-leading 90-day guarantee

• The high customer satisfaction rate

• Faster sign up

• Diverse product and service portfolio

• A clearly visible brand which is easier to sell


Truly speaking, we have done all we can to let you know all you might have to with regards to getting started in this field of CBD oil affiliate business.

Is it too much of us to ask you to now proceed to enroll in one? Simply skim the list above to find out that one which is applicable to you.

As you might have already candidly noted from above, the Hempworx is undoubtedly the highest-paying affiliate program.

If I were in your shoes, I would honestly give it a topmost priority in my search for the most suitable affiliate program. When are you launching out into this business? Who else are you influencing to attempt this business alongside you?

Would it not be great to start out immediately? We wish you all the best in your subsequent endeavors. Let us hear your take concerning the information we have furnished above.

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