The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND!

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. Okay, so maybe I’m not quite a “LEGEND” but hey a guy can dream right. I mean that is what every man and woman of greatness start with. Right?

So, Who Am I?

Well, my name is Jonathan and I have a super power. Kind of. Anyway, When I was a kid I was diagnosed with ADD which is nowadays called ADHD… It’s the same thing.

So, when I was a kid they put me on a drug called Ritalin and even as a kid I could tell that the drug made me feel like I couldn’t be myself and that their was an inner me that couldn’t speak or move.

It was like my inner me was gauged and duct taped to a chair.

So, there was that issue but there was also the fact that when I was not taking medication I couldn’t focus. Someone once told me that having ADHD is like your brain being a TV set but someone else has the remote.

So, even if we want to listen to what you are saying, we can’t. Because we can’t focus on any one thing unless it really spikes our interest.

My Mission!

Well, my mom tried every natural medicine she could think of to help me focus but it never seemed to help. In High School I decided to take myself off of Ritalin and while I didn’t exactly make strait A’s. I passed.


So, about a year ago a friend came to me and was telling me about CBD Oil and how the CBD Industry was taking off.

She told me about how her dad had been taking it for his High Blood Pressure and had some pretty amazing results. I also had High Blood Pressure and according to a recent medical test I took it said I was bordering on Stage 2 hypertension.

So, I decided to check their product out. Guess what! I saw a drop in my blood pressure within days. It was amazing! …. but guess what?

That’s right, not only did my blood pressure get better. I also began to be able to FOCUS again. A skill that was somewhat fleeting and now I could feel like myself again.


So, about that superpower. If you have ever known someone with ADHD you might notice that they can sometimes get “SuperFocused” that’s right.

You see an ADHD Brain can at times also hyperfocus in on 1 thing and just go at it 90 miles an hour until we accomplish whatever we set out to do.

Now with the CBD Oil I can focus on what people are saying to me even when I see a “SQUIRREL” and I can hyperfocus to get projects done. It’s pretty awesome.


So, now everyone can benefit from the extreme health benefits of CBD Oil and that is why I jumped at a chance to join the CBD Industry with some of the best products out there.

Now I am a marketer by trade so I love helping people in the business world but now I also help people to take back their lives by spreading the word about CBD Oil.

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