10 Highest Paying Essential Oil Companies

10 Highest Paying Essential Oil Companies

Wanting to make some money out of selling essential oils? You have to look out for a good company that has a robust affiliate program. Take the worry off your shoulders. Simply read and stay on to the end of the discussions to find out how to go about it to make the most profit.

To assist you, we conducted extensive research on the highest paying essential oil companies at the moment. These are affiliate programs that have limited barriers to entry, payout higher commissions, and deal in a wide range of products. You are hence more likely to make a kill while enrolled in them.



#1: Plant Therapy Affiliate Program

PlantTherapy is a premier source of essential oils. These include the hydrosols, carrier oils, and KidSafe blends to mention but a few! All of them exhibit some exceptional quality courtesy of elegant ingredients.

This program basically entails the sales of these and many more other products in exchange for some decent commissions. Your sales initiatives here with a guarantee you no less than 7.5% commission on all the sales.

This platform grants you access to some 1,861 affiliate programs on which you can promote the said products. Being wide and diverse, these programs will most definitely bring in higher revenue inflows on your part.

From time to time, the program advances some special offers, promos, and other initiatives which are intended to deepen its grip on the market. This means you will also gain from it in that you will spend zero to advertise but gain from the revenue inflow.

This is the program to enroll in if you want to pursue sales and marketing on a full-time basis rather than as a side hassle. The opportunities for growth also abound.

By sticking on to the program, it will be possible for you to rise to higher levels and generate a huge following indeed.


#2: Bulk Apothecary Affiliate Program

This program was founded in 2010. It has since emerged to be the nation’s largest supplier of the essential oils and natural ingredients. The company offers many items and merchandises that are related to the essential oils.

In all, its products are around 9,000 different categories.

Some of these are natural ingredients, soap and candle-making supplies, and derivatives of essential oils. All these products are designed to appeal to the ‘natural-minded’ persons who are on the lookout for products that are availed at extremely discounted prices.

Enrolling in this program assures you some big results. These are manifested in higher revenue and lower costs.

In all, you should anticipate a 20% increase in sales, a 10% increase in conversion, $50k+ savings on hosting and licensing, and 20% of abandoned cart revenues recovered.

It, therefore, follows that your enrolment in this program brings you many benefits but for fewer investments. If you are a busy person who lacks time to sell, this is the program to consider enrolling in. it consumes less of your time but brings about more or less similar incomes.


#3: Young Living Affiliate Program

Are you a blogger who is intent on monetizing his blog? This Young Living Affiliate Program is yours for consideration if you answered this question in the affirmative.

It basically gives you the opportunity to generate some decent income but by blogging rather than selling any merchandise.

The affiliate program is a multi-level marketing platform. With regards to this, many people have attempted and indeed leveraged it to make more money online. To get started, you have to sign up on the web portal.

You thereafter will embark on the process of recruiting other sellers who will be placed directly under you. You will also have to sell the products of the company.

Each sale, along with those of the sellers whom you will have referred will entitle you to some decent commissions.

A number of factors converge to make this program stand apart from the rest. The products it offers are on the whole of great quality. Also, some fair degree of transparency is upheld while handling and producing them.

Further to these, the program maintains an honest income disclosure, is generally a booming industry to invest in and operates some loyalty or reward program which many other companies of its kind do not maintain.

#4: doTerra Affiliate Program (MLM)

doTerra Affiliate Program, just like the Young Living Affiliate Program above, is a multi-level marketing platform. It mainly deals in the direct sales of health and wellness products, of which the essential oils are a part.

The program also networks many like-minded persons who might be interested in matters health. In this program, you build your business in two main ways. The first is via retail sales.

Here, you sell the merchandise directly to the recipient or customer. Each sale entitles you to some commission. The second way is through recruiting other people. This latter option is the more lucrative version and is also harder to undertake.

This program keeps the various barriers to entry as low as possible. You can for instance set up a wholesale account for as little as $35. If one of the starter kits is valued from $150 – $275, this startup cost is waived in totality.

Apart from keeping the barriers to entry low, doTERRA also has one of the most generous compensation plans in this form of marketing. On the flipside, its prices are higher on average which makes your sale quite difficult and cumbersome to close.

To succeed fully, you need some patience, skill, and strategy. You will also have to wait longer before realizing any meaningful incomes in the process.

#5: Harmonious Mind Affiliate Program

Harmonious Mind Affiliate Program is also free to join. At the same time, it requires no technical knowledge to utilize. Under this program, you do not engage in any sale of merchandise strictly speaking. Instead, you are furnished with some banners, text, and links. It is these that you promote to your audience.

Any traffic that is generated via your affiliate link is directly credited to your account. If you are passionate about letting others discover the potential of the essential oils, this is the program to enroll in. it is hence effortless as compared to the alternatives which require some hawking.

To expedite your promotional efforts, you will be supplied some reporting and retail-time statistics. You will log in any time of day to keep tabs on your traffic, sales, account balance, and monitor the performance of the various initiatives you may be running at that time.

Generally speaking, you should expect to earn 10% pay-per-sale on your customer’s first order and 5% for subsequent orders. To be eligible for a payout, your account will have to attain no less than $50.00.

While requesting a payout, you will have to specify the manner in which you will want it to be dispensed to your account. This platform is mainly great as a side hustle.


#6: Jade Bloom Affiliate Program

Just like the Harmonious Mind Affiliate Program above, the Jade Bloom Affiliate Program lets you earn some income while spreading the word about the fastest growing essential oil in the United States.

Also, the program grants you some lifetime earnings on wholesale and consumer purchases on items like essential oil resellers, candle makers, soap makers, and spa products.

With this program, you have the options to either withdraw your money in cash or convert it to commissions. Application and joining are both free. You will immediately after to place at least one order to let your account be activated.

After creating an account, you will be given some $32 to spend. At the same time, you will also be allowed to sample a couple of products only after completing the foundational course. To keep track of your performance, you will have to log in at any time of the day.

You may also, if you wish, confirm your balance, observe the sales traffic generated, or request some commission any time your balance surpasses the $10 threshold. As for the commissions, you will receive some 15% on the first time orders including those that are generated by those whom you referred. For the subsequent products, your commission shall be 5%.


#7: Artisan Aromatics Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, this program exists primarily to promote the products of the Artisan Aromatics Affiliate Program. You basically enroll on the program and thereafter earn some commission for every sale you effect.

You need not really sell directly. Instead, you may opt to do so right at the comfort of your desktop. As soon as you enroll in the program, you will be furnished some HTML links with which you will keep track of your visitors.

Any sale that is made by the customer within 30 days of clicking the link brings you some 10% commission. To track and plan your sales effectively, you will have to log into the affiliate login area. While at it, you will see the report on sales generated and the accompanying commissions which you are owed.

The commissions advanced are generally 10% commission on all the affiliate referral sales. During the registration process, you will supply a “Payment Email Address” which should typically be your PayPal address.

It is this email address that will be used to send the commission payments as soon as your referral commission has reached the $50 threshold.

In case you have any issues which you might want to be clarified, just send some message via the ‘contact form.’ You will receive the appropriate feedback within the shortest realistic time possible (typically 1 day). The main downside of this program is that it requires some great attention on your part to be able to leverage. You cannot pursue it as a side hustle as such.


#8: Barefut Affiliate Program

Barefut Affiliate Program is a two-tier affiliate program. This simply means that it allows you to generate commissions on your own sales and from the sales of others. These others are people whom you will have referred to the program and have them listed under your name. Moreover, these programs also entitle you to some discounts on higher sales volumes.

The program pays you 20% commission on the first-time orders from those sellers you would have referred. It also advances a further 10% commission on their subsequent orders. As an affiliate, you will obtain a 10% discount on personal purchases over and above the other offers, discounts, and sales.

To enroll in the program, you will first and foremost visit the portal www.Barefut.com and create an account. There are no enrolment or membership fees. You will really not have to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to enjoy the services and benefits that come along.

Probably setting this program from its peers is the fact that it upholds the privacy of its clients effectively. It does so mainly by safeguarding the personal information of all clients as safe and private as can be.

In light of this, the chances of data leakage breaches and accompanies dangers are heavily suppressed. All payments are processed in the last week immediately after the outstanding balance is $20 or more.


#9: Rocky Mountain Oils Affiliate Program

Rocky Mountain Oils Affiliate Program stands apart from the others. Rather than sell merchandise such as products, you make money by simply spreading the knowledge and sharing the experiences you have obtained regarding the various essential oils it has on offer.

For this reason, it does not really recruit sellers and marketers as is the case with many other programs. Instead, it hires writers, influencers, and narrators. These people draft articles produce videos and audio recordings which are intended to share the said knowledge and experience.

They mainly elaborate on the essential oils that are produced by the company. However, these people may also discuss lifestyle issues, cooking, fitness, do-it-yourself skincare, and other pertinent issues which revolve around matters lifestyle.

Each influencer, writer, or narrator is entitled to some generous commission for every effort put in with regards to advancing the said knowledge. The commissions start at 9-16% of the value of the commodity you choose to sell or advance.

To aid you in leveraging the highest income levels, the program stores your data for around 30 days. This is courtesy of the 30-day cookie feature. Also, all the products are backed by generous 90-day customer satisfaction. This makes them safe to purchase as the buyers are assured of a refund in case they find the products unsatisfactory.

This is a program you want to enroll in if your sales acumen is weak yet you badly want to make that extra income!


#10: Hempworx Affiliate Program

Lastly comes the Hempworx Affiliate Program. This one came to be in 2014. It was established by My Daily Choice Incorporated which is a multi-level marketing company. It deals primarily in Cannabidiol and its derivatives.

It is based on the multi-level marketing system. This simply means that you can make money in two main ways. First, you can sell the products of the company directly and earn some decent commissions for every sale.

Alternatively, you may refer and recruit other sellers into the program. You also are entitled to some commission for every person you bring in to the system.

With this affiliate program, it is possible to earn up to 85% commission on the total sales you generate through the various affiliate rewards program. Perhaps setting this program far apart from the others is the revenue-sharing formula.

Under this program, you have the leeway to sell the products at the prevailing market rates. You are entitled to the entire profit you accrue from such sales.

At the same time, you are also entitled to a 25% saving on all the products you handle. This also goes a long way in bringing in much revenue to you than those of the competing programs.

It is also noteworthy that the product portfolio of this program is broader. That is because the company manufactures and avails numerous products such as skin creams, pain rubs, pet products, hemp oil, and coffee beverages. Your client base will have at least one product that appeals to their needs.



As you may candidly note from the foregoing explanations, no affiliate program beats Hempworx. It claims the top spot mainly by virtue of being the highest paying affiliate program.

Other than this, its product range is also wide and diverse. This increases your likelihood of making some meaningful returns on your sales.

The logic here is that at any given time, the probability that at least one person will be interested in any of those products is high.

Having known this, why don’t you now go ahead and enroll in at least one affiliate program we have reviewed above? If you are undecided, we recommend that you start with the Hempworx which is a CBD Oil Affiliate program with incredible commissions.

What are you waiting for? When are you intending to launch out in an affiliate program? Go ahead and enroll. 

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10 Highest Paying Essential Oil Companies

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