10 Best CBD Oil MLM Companies

10 Best CBD Oil MLM Companies

CBD Oil products have taken the health industry by storm and it’s not really shocking that according to a report by Forbes, the CBD sector will generate more than $3 billion by 2020.

That is probably the main reason why various CBD Oil brands have sprung up. Multi-level marketing (MLM) has become a good avenue for the development of CBD Oil companies. If you are considering starting a business in CBD Oil products and make some money, it can be pretty challenging.

There are various regulations that should be followed and the marketing of the products is quite difficult. Due to this, working with a reputable CBD MLM brand is probably the most lucrative and safest way to go.

Multi-level marketing firms are brands that hire an independent workforce to help them sell their services or products while earning a certain commission, which is determined using a binary compensation structure.

It’s a wonderful way to earn a good income while keeping an independent lifestyle and most importantly be your own boss.

Network marketing companies distribute all types of services and goods, from cheaper utility services to cosmetics to health supplements, kitchen supplies, and more.

In the recent years, CBD oil products have become pretty high in demand because of its natural ability to manage and treat many ailments and conditions, such as depression, chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, inflammation, and many others.

Current studies on its calming properties are relatively limited but pretty promising, leaving professionals to believe that the CBD industry worth might surpass the $10 billion mark within the next few years, making the distribution of CBD oil a promising business opportunity.

There are various CBD MLM brands already that you can join, but it’s essential to ensure that you select a firm that is reputable, provides high-quality products and is also positioned to rise and continue being successful.

The Top 10 Best CBD Oil MLM Companies To Work For:

#1 - MyDailyChoice & HempWorx

My Daily Choice is a popular CBD network marketing company that markets smart choices and decisions using CBD-infused products.

One of the aspects that make My Daily Choice to stand out from the competition and spotlight is the utilization of cloud-based technology, which assists in keeping business costs low, provides more flexible support to salespersons, and puts the possibility for more commissions to its all independent sellers.

Hempworx offers consumers with a full-spectrum of CBD oil available both in peppermint or natural flavor, topical creams, CBD-infused dog treats and CBD oil for dogs.


#2 - Kannaway

Kannaway Company is definitely the highest rising CBD network marketing company to date. The company provides to consumers across the world and has a sizeable family of representatives who present their products and make it pretty possible for all consumers to purchase.

Their philosophy is to enable families and individuals to experience the numerous benefits of CBD oil and essentially utilize them to boost and change their lives.

The products of Kannaway use CBD oil extracted from pesticides- and chemicals-free hemp plants grown in Northern Europe. The hemp oil undergoes a pretty strict process of lab testing to make sure that Kannaway offers the highest quality and safest products.

All products manufactured by Kannaway are made using pure CBD oil and an incredible combination of other essential herbs, including a special blend limited to East Asian royals.

Kannaway usually refers to their sales team as brand representatives, encouraging each one of them to set viable goals, succeed, and accomplish financial freedom.

Kannaway provides some of the premium products on the CBD market, including best hemp oil supplements, herbal formulas, pure CBD, and salve.

#3 - Dose Of Nature

Dose of Nature is a network marketing company based in an Orem which was established in Utah. This company refines and purifies hemp paste that’s available from cannabis plants which are typically grown outside the United States into concentrated oils which are incredibly potent and has many medicinal benefits.

The CBD products manufactured by Dose of Nature offer the consumers some innovative solutions to fight several chronic and life-threatening health problems.

These CBD oil products are water soluble, and are also available at the cellular level pretty rapidly and provide more advanced cellular hydration, which makes them incredibly effective when taken in lower doses.

In 2014, Dose of Nature launched the CBD oil products line and manufactured nano CBD and water-soluble CBD products.

This network marketing firm is driven by the primary value of sustainability, making it one of the main brands focused on sustaining the earth and profits as well as.

The CBD oil tinctures produced by Dose of Nature come in two forms: Hemp CBD oil roast beef extract and RedStrap Hemp Extract which provides the full spectrum of CBD properties found in industrial hemp.

When it comes to CBD water-soluble products, the company produces Nano CBD Shooter.

This product is manufactured utilizing the latest technologies to offer a truly potent and natural CBD supplement that’s bioavailable and water-soluble without any bitter taste while still conserving the effect of the organic hemp extract.

When it comes to the CBD Vapes, Dose of Nature offers Freestyle medicated vapes and RedStrap CBD vapes.

The company also provides CBD topicals such as RedStrap Pain Relief Cream. This product is a natural pain cream that is deep penetrating, fast acting, and long-lasting.

The company also produces Nano Amplified products which are made up of a range of health supplements like vitamin C, pain solution, immunity, prostate works, colloidal silver and cell works.

#4 - CBD Pure

CBD Pure is a multi-level marketing CBD company that produces CBD-infused hemp oil extracts as well as soft gel capsules obtained from high-quality, natural hemp plants.

The members of CBD Pure affiliate program usually benefit from 40 percent commission on total sales, and payments are made monthly.

The affiliate program is solely designed for distributors to manage and run adverts on their personal sites. When a customer clicks on the advert and buys a product from this company, the distributor will get credit for the sale.

One of the unique aspects of CBD Pure brand is that the firm is constantly looking for new ways to enhance their products to drive product sales and also generate more earning opportunities for all its distributors.

#5 - 5Linx

5Linx is a network marketing company with its headquarters in Rochester, NY. The product line of 5Linx covers a broad range of needs from dietary supplements to mobile marketing.

This New York-based firm seeks to enhance the lives of individuals across the world by saving a lot of money on the CBD products they use every day.

The 5Linx brand has not only proved to be profitable but it also comes with a mobile application available for Android and Apple users and are active on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

By making all its products available for all people across the globe, 5Linx is a one-stop shop for services and products that improve lives.

This networking company is on top of the game when it comes to the management of its social media. On the other hand, approximately 63% of 5Linx company employees would recommend this brand to a friend.

The company boasts of higher enrollment rates when compared to many other direct sells brands, which might be discouraging to individuals experiencing financial strains. You can do your research on this opportunity to establish if it suits your lifestyle and needs.

#6 - Changing the Future Outcome

This CBD multi-level company is a leading brand whose objective is to assist you in “changing your life’s future outcome”.

Changing the Future Outcome sources its CBD oil from Industrial Hemp, enabling the company to provide the consumers with high-quality and unique CBD-infused items such as topical pain creams, wrinkle creams, roll-on ointment, traditional oil, sprays, and CBD-based pet products as well.

This network marketing company offers all its ambassadors free enrollment, and a 20% bonus on all product purchases made via a referral, which makes it one of the finest opportunities to earn a passive income.

#7 - Trevo

Trevo brand is a well-known nutritional and health multi-level marketing firm with worldwide spread branches. The company was established by the Stevens with Mark Stevens as its CEO and Holli Stevens as the company’s Director of Finance.

The Stevens are recognized professionals in the Business sector with big titles conferred to their names in the marketing and business world.

It would be fair to conclude that Trevo owes its rapid development to the two competent founders.

Holli is known as a top sales individual in the direct sales sector with many prestigious awards. Mark, on the other hand, is a best-selling author who is also listed in the Who’s Who in America and serves in a variety of charities and boards. The mission of the company is to be more than any other successful brand.

The company has one product only which is a multivitamin enriched bottle of supplement. According to the company, it is a one-of-a-kind mixture with 174 natural occurring ingredients which appears a little too extreme.

However, the drink is purportedly supposed to have prevention and reversal of diseases like any other wellness and health product in the market.

The bottled product has two different kinds of bottles. These bottles package a 2-ounce bottle and a 32-ounce bottle. The ingredients included are the standard antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins, essential sea vegetables, fatty acids, and many others.

The product prides in helping with the following: boosting a healthy cardiovascular system, the immune system, diabetes control, weight management, anti-cancer benefits, Enhanced mental functioning, and a healthier digestive system.

In general, it helps with everything that you would want a wellness and health product to do.

#8 - Isodiol

Based in Vancouver, Canada, and with a branch office located in the United States, Isodiol International focuses on the manufacturing, marketing and supply of hemp oil products in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Isodiol network marketing company along with its partners grow and harvest their natural hemp plants on an industrial scale and the hemp is later processed to extract some CBD oil of the highest quality which is then distributed across the globe.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Isodiol International supplies byproducts of industrial CBD for inventions in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Isodiol offers cannabinoid crystalline isolates that are derived from nanotechnology and the hemp plants, and micro-encapsulations for skincare and consumable products.

Isodiol also produces and distributes nicotine e-liquids and CBD oil and also manufactures some cannabinoids which are utilized in pharmaceuticals for treatment of non-threatening and threatening illnesses, beverages, and gear for merchandising solutions.

The customers of Isodiol are usually cannabis dispensaries, health food stores, specialty markets, consumers and spas. The CBD manufactured by Isodiol International are from hemp farms, and the hemp is organically grown is also free from pesticides, insecticides herbicides and GMO.

The company offers Bioactive range of products which consists of twelve products like Nanomist, Rapid Patch, Pain relief kit, Body Balm, Apoptogenic Herbal, Rapid Cream, Hemp Oil Tincture, Xtend Caps, Vitamin C, D3, B12, Sleep Caps, Sleep Shots, as well as Multi-Spectrum Blend 1000. 

The Coffee K-Cups include Pot-O-Coffee cold brews, cold brew kegs and coffee bags. The anti-aging skincare products offered by Isodiol include Regenerating CBD serum, Regenerating eye and lip gel, CBD night cream, CBD facial cleanser, CBD toner and CBD enzyme mask.

The Iso-Sport range of products includes CBD beverages, CBD supplements, CBD topicals

and Pain management. The CBD edible manufactured by Isodiol include CBDXtreme H2O, Chewit, Addit, Vapeit and Amp’D Up.

#9 - Nutritional High

This MLM CBD company is mostly based out of California and Colorado, where its modern production facilities are situated.

Fli™ is the limelight CBD oil products of Nutritional High, produced through cold extraction processes and modern scientific methods.

Some of these products include vapes, edibles, oils, extracts, and many others. Most of the products offered by this company are pretty unique in nature, like their CBD-infused syringes, chocolate shots, chocolates, and space joints, with more innovative products scheduled to get launched.

Nutritional High was founded in 2014 when adult recreational use of cannabis was legalized by Colorado State.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, this network marketing company manufactures, develops, and distributes cannabis-infused edible items and oil extracts used for adult recreation, as well as for nutritional and medical use in the United States.

Nutritional High operates in the United States only in the states where the law permits the manufacture and distribution of cannabis-infused edible products.

Nutritional High launched FLI in 2016, which is its flagship brand and the cannabis-infused line of edible products.

The production process used in the production of vape cartridges, extracts, edibles, and syringes is cold extraction and other innovative cannabis science processes.

Nutritional High has its two production facilities in Pueblo, Colorado, Palo Verde, and Pasa Verde Labs in Sacramento, California.

The company operates using a vertical integration structure for manufacture, distribution, and sales. This company influences its distribution affiliations to increase the sales of all its products and also maximize brand exposure.

This multi-level company has introduced the FLI edibles and extracts to the market using its fully-owned subsidiaries in California and Oregon, Colorado.

Distribution of products in California is mostly done by Calyx, a distributor which is wholly-owned by Nutritional High. Moreover, the company also operates through its 350 dispensary partners and 12 brand partners.

According to the figures of the company, the sales were more than 1 million dollars in April 2018. Nutritional High plans to enter Canada and Nevada in the future.

The high-quality range of cannabis-infused products is made of confectionery items which are cocoa-based like chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, lollipops, gummies, and many others.

Nutritional High Fli concentrates are liquid concentrated products that are produced through the cold ethanol extraction process, short path distillation and mechanical separation.

These products are usually consumed either through dabbing or vaporizing and are available in gelatin capsules, shatter and vape pen cartridges forms. The Fli concentrates are mostly sold to various retail dispensaries based in Colorado. The company also offers Cannabis oil.

That refers to bulk oil usually utilized by other manufacturers who deal in infused edible products. This oil is pure, and of high-quality cannabis and is manufactured at Pueblo facility of this network marketing company.

#10 - IRIE CBD

This company is one of the best health and wellness CBD products brands, focused on offering organic options for wellness and health as well as high-quality CBD products at incredibly affordable prices. 

Its hemp-based products are usually sourced entirely from organically grown, non-GMO, and sustainable CBD to phytonutrient-rich CBD oils and terpenes.

Recently, the company introduced two more products in the market, adding to its expanding collection of CBD oil health and wellness range of products.

In Conclusion

Hemp oil is becoming incredibly popular in the wellness and health sector and is being utilized in the treatment of various common ailments like anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, inflammation, diabetes, epilepsy, mental disorders, substance abuse, and many others.

Apart from the health benefits, you can also earn a passive income by becoming a distributor of these wonderful products.

Becoming a distributor or member of a network marketing CBD company is a wonderful opportunity to develop your business, grow as a skilled entrepreneur, and possibly earn more cash than you could ever imagine having, particularly when you are a passionate advocate of CBD products yourself.


The more avid you are about the items you are selling, the more effective you are likely to be. CBD oil is becoming a sought-after commodity and as we have discussed above there is a wide variety of MLM CBD brands to assist you in getting started, with Hempworx being the best of all.

For the best chances of lasting success, make sure that you are committed and passionate about your business each day.

Multi-level marketing can be a profitable investment if you have the right skills. You have the alternative of working on your own and develop your business or form a group of distributors.

You can always join the CBD multi-level marketing business and benefit from the big and promising market, which is currently valued at billions of dollars and is also set to rise even further at a quick pace and this is our complete guide on the 10 best CBD Oil MLM Companies.

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10 Best CBD Oil MLM Companies

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