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What Are The Best Fishing Rods For Children?

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zebco 33

I recently decided to take my daughters fishing and borrowed my father-in-laws old school Zebco 33 but my wife had also picked up a bait feeder spinning reel for my other daughter. So, we have been thinking about buying new rods for everyone but I am not sure what the best fishing rods for children are.

Is the Zebco 33 better for kids?

zebco 33Now I haven’t been fishing myself since I was a kid but I must say that I am partial to the zebco 33 just because that was the style that I used when I was a little boy.

I personally think that the push button casting makes it much easier to use. I also had to run the fishing line on the pole and it was super easy to setup with the old zebco.

Now with both the push button reel on the zebco 33 and the bait feeder reel I had to do most of the casting but I think it was because my father-in-laws old zebco had rusted a little and so it was harder to push the button down.


Is the bait feeder spinning reel more kid friendly?

Then there is the bait feeder spinning reel that my wife picked up for one of our children. I personally am not sure how child friendly this fishing reel is.

Escpecially when it comes to setting up your pole and figuring out how to run the line. Maybe it’s just my own frustrations but I don’t know why the designed the line to go around the outside loop.

Anyway, that is not as important as worrying about my daughters throwing their pole in the lake when trying to cast.

I’m a little concerned that they will let go of the pole while casting since they have to put a finger on the line to hold it down while casting.

I’m sure this is something they could learn over time but I am just curious which reel would be the most beneficial for them to learn from.

I look forward to learning from some more experienced fisherman or women who might have some insight to share on which fishing poles would be best for kids. Please leave a comment below this article and let me know what you think. I hope to get some help and hopefully others can benefit from this post as well.

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch

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Motorola Moto 360

Today I will present you, one of the best gift idea in our days. The luxuious and beautiful Motorola Moto 360 smart watch.

I know that is not a cheap gift, but think about it. If you need a good gift for a good friend, a relative or even your dad, you can choose this with confidence. As you can see in the images, the watch is so elegant (can be used by a office worker too).

Rather than other smartwaches that are made from plastic and rubber, this beauty is made from light metal which gives the watch a elegant look. This watch can track the health and fitness of the owner, using the latest Motorola app. Moto body.

The watch track your steps, distance and calories burned along with your hear rate, so it’s elegant and efficient. I must say that another very cool aspect of this watch is that it responds to your voice. You know, I imagine that robot voice from old Sci-fi movies.

It display your notification from your cell phone just if you watch at the screen, you don’t need to do touch it! (So cool). I don’t own this watch but I heard that it is a little too big, so if your friend/dad doesn’t like big watches, you may want to consider searching for some of the smaller models.

The good news is that with this model the battery will last all day, and this is so good because you don’t have to worry about it dying half way through the day. It has a 4 GB internal memory. It comes with a wireless charging dock, a wall charger and a quick start guide.

This is my review for this watch, in my opinion a great piece of tech, one of my favorites.

Till the next time, have a good day and good luck with finding the right gift.

Top 10 Garden Gnomes To Own

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Garden Gnome with Tommy Gun

If you are looking for fun and interesting garden gnomes then be sure to check out my list of the Top 10 Garden Gnomes To Own and all of the weird and incredibly awesome garden gnomes for sale online.

Top Ten Garden Gnomes For Sale Online

This one is called the Solar Powered Gnome Tree House. This piece of garden yard art, as the name suggests, is solar powered and comes on automatically when it gets dark.

The windows in your little gnomes’ tree house light up when it gets dark and make a great way to add some light to your front porch or garden, and they add a whole lot of character.

This piece weighs in at about 4.3 lbs. and is about 17 or so inches tall.

The only downfall to this piece is that it is pretty tall. About twice as tall as it is wide so it would be easy to knock over and break since it is made out of ceramic. If you do have animals or small children you may wish to find some double sided sticky pad to keep it in place unless you have a spot where it is out of reach.


In my family people are always giving us a hard time because we like to stay up late and sleep in often.  We also enjoy afternoon naps on Sundays after church. This Sleepy Garden Gnome is perfect for us. When people make fun of us for sleeping in and taking naps this would be a great little piece to throw in their face.

It’s all in good fun, but this one is just too good not to add to my gnome collection. Not to mention the glowing mushroom is sure to get some comments as well.


The Beer Garden Gnome is one I really like not for myself but more for my brother-in-law. He is kind of a beer connoisseur and this will probably end up being a gift for him. I personally love it and it exemplifies the happy and respectable person I view my brother-in-law to be.

If this cheery little gnome reminds you of someone you know, you should consider it as a cheap little gift you could give for a special occasion or for no reason at all.

This one also remind of my elder neighbors who attend Oktoberfest each year. I wonder if they would appreciate something like this.


This Zombie Garden Gnome is the epitome of current pop culture. It’s the perfect gift for the #1 undead person in your life (or just, you know, your Walking Dead fan friends).

Scarily endearing, this is one zombie even Daryl and Michonne would hesitate to put down. My guess is that if you gift this to one of your family members or friends, they’ll be of much the same opinion.

So use caution before you gift, as you won’t be able to get it back. You’ll have to pry it out of their cold, (un)dead hands.





Here are a few of the more humorous garden gnomes that I have come across in my searches and really liked.




This one is obviously referred to as the Toilet Gnome or Gnome on the Throne.

This funny gnome is perfect for people you might know that are generally known for their potty humor and that is why I have consider getting this one for my Dad this year.

So, if you are looking to give a gift that will make people laugh then this little guy is sure to do the trick.





This one is the Stoner Gnome and as you can see this marijuana gnome is a happy little man that you see giving the peace sign on one hand and holding a nicely rolled stogie in the other.

The clock this little guy is leaning on conveniently marks the time as 4:20 which has always been known at the time that people would meet up to smoke weed.

This is cute and funny, peace-filled gnome that- regardless of your position on smoking weed- you and your friends are bound to fall in love with.

This Game Of Gnomes statue is sure to be a favorite for those in love with the popular TV show known as Game of Thrones.

If you are looking to keep your garden safe from outsiders this Gnome is ready to lay his smack down on any intruders that come into your garden.

This classic gnome is sure to bury all of your adversaries and they will never be seen again.


If you are looking for a Battle Gnome with a mighty weapon, then this gnome is ready at a moment’s notice to lay his hammer down to defend your honor.

Poised for battle at a moment’s notice this battle gnome won’t be taken by surprise and will hammer intruders straight into the ground without even breaking a sweat.

At an impressive 4″ tall this “massive” gnome is ready to show evildoers what your garden is really made of and will guard its treasures with his life.


Check out this set of Gnomeo and Juliet Garden Gnomes from the hit movie: Gnomeo & Juliet. It is a classic story that brings romance to any garden.

This cute little couple are sure to bring new life to your garden as they watch more than just passionate gnome love blossom in your flower garden.

If you haven’t seen the hit movie be sure to check it out online from Amazon. 



garden gnomes for sale online

Recently a good friend of mine bought me this garden gnome with a machine gun.

My wife was hesitant to put it in our front yard and so I decided to take it to work and put on my desk instead.

So, instead of a garden gnome I have more of an office gnome with a tommy gun that wards off people that would steal my pens.

This gnome makes people think twice with the hit catch phrase on the rock below that states, “Say Hello To My Little Friend”.  I love this angry little gnome to keep intruders at a distance.


This is a review of some of my favorite themed garden gnomes that I have come across for garden gnomes for sale online. I’ll link the pictures for each creatively crafted figure to the places with the best prices for each one in case you want to get a unique gift for yourself or a friend.

Comment below and tell me what you think!

Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle Review

Check out the Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle toy. This is one of the funniest gifts I have ever bought for anyone. Check out this video that my friend made of the yodeling pickle I got him for his birthday. 

It’s Fun! It’s Awesome and It Yodels! This little electronic yodeling pickle makes for an entertaining and fun gift for anyone.

I got this for a good friend of mine and a few weeks after I got it for him he posted on facebook and told me that he was on the phone with a client when he accidentally hit the Yodeling Pickle and it started yodeling.

He said that the client on the phone asked where he was at and he had to explain that the sound he heard was from a yodeling pickle that he received. I’m not sure if the guy believed him but either way the story was hilarious.


As you can tell from the video this yodeling pickle is a little bit loud. There is not a volume control or power switch on the pickle. You simply press the button on the pickle and the pickle begins to Yodel its heart out.


Unlike most toys this little guy comes with the batteries already installed in the pickle when it arrives. So, it is ready to sing for you the moment it arrives.

Where To Buy

If you are having trouble finding the product in stores you can always order it online like I normally do. I found the best price on Amazon. You can click the link below to order it.

I actually got this and several other neat gifts for my friend on Amazon since it was so cheap. As always if you are looking for other great gifts please check out our home page for a list of our latest and greatest product reviews.


Whiskey Stones Review

Check out my Whiskey Stones Review and see why these little stones make the best gift for any man. If your looking for a good gift for the men in your life I can promise you that this is the way to go.
My Dad and most of the men in my family love to try different alcoholic drinks but mostly my Dad.

So, since I always hear people complaining about their drink being watered down I decided that these soapstone whiskey stones would be the perfect gift for fathers day this year.

I ordered these early to make sure I didn’t forget and I can’t wait to have my dad try them.

Colder Than Ice

Whiskey Stones are ideal as they don’t melt and water down your drink like ice will and they stay cold twice as long.

When you take ice out of the freezer the temperature of the ice immediately begins to rise and the ice begins to melt.

While Whiskey Stones take longer to unfreeze as the frozen liquid is trapped inside the soapstone. Now some people sometimes worry that because these cubes are crafted out of soapstone that it may cause your drink to taste weird.

Is Soapstone Tasteless

While the name soapstone may leave you thinking these whiskey stones are going to make your drink taste bad.

You can rest at ease as these stones are actually odorless and tasteless.

Still Leary About Soapstone?

Here are a few of the reasons that Soapstone Whiskey Stones are the better than ice.

They conduct and retain coldness faster and longer than ice.

Soapstone is great for keeping any Drink Icy Cold and can also be heated to keep your coffee hot!

These Whiskey Stones will stay cold for up to 2 hours.

In Case it wasn’t obvious, They don’t melt and dilute your drink.

I am very happy with the ones I got and plan to buy more for myself. If you are interested in getting some you can find them on Amazon. That is where I ordered mine and they seem to have the best prices from what I have seen.

Comment below and let me know what you thought of them or if there was anything that I might have left out.

Women Steel Toe Shoes

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Women Steel Toe Shoes

Women Steel Toe ShoesEver since leggings made a comeback and skinny jeans became all the rage, knee-high boots have been an essential part of women’s footwear. For active gals, hikers, or just those that want some top-notch pedi protection during inclement weather, steel toe boots are the perfect choice due to their strength, protection and longevity.

Originally having garnered a rap as a boot that is used more for function than fashion, several steel toe boots of today are proving that you can be just as chic in these shoes as in stilettos or sandals.

In fact, the number of steel toe shoes women have taken to purchasing has been on the rise for quite some time, as the demands of work sites can lead people to various territories that can be precarious to the feet.

Moreover, inclement weather can wreak havoc on our footwear, as can outdoor activities and exercise. The following are a selection of steel toe shoes women styles that give optimal protection and also look great.

Below are some general tips on what to look for in a steel toe shoe or boot, as well as some trendsetting styles to help you in selecting the perfect steel toe shoe that is uniquely you.

What to Look For

There are several components to consider when choosing the perfect steel toe shoe or boot.

Steel toe shoes are known for offering protection and for being built to last, so you won’t need to discard them after a few months or a year, or run to a shoe repair shop after being caught in bad weather or after long treks.

You want your shoe to be chic and fashionable while also being able to function against whatever the day has in store.

Comfort and Fit

Steel toe shoes and boots were originally made to be “work boots”. For this reason, the brand of shoe has always been focused on optimal comfort in order to be worn for long periods of time that can involve a lot of walking or strain.

Seek a steel toe shoe or boot that features soft insulation that is also breathable. Breathable material allows your pedis to stay warm while also preventing sweat and moisture to fester, leading to discomfort and the growth of bacteria.

An integral part of comfort is finding a shoe of the right fit. Steel toe shoes and boots often offer different widths along with sizes, so if you have a wider foot, you won’t be subjected to attempting to squeeze into a narrow style.


The most durable steel toe shoes and boots usually are made from materials like cowhide or leather, while also featuring a rubber heel.

It is important to check for quality materials which contain water and oil-resistant components to ensure optimal protection against long wear and environmental hazards.


Typically, steel toe shoes and boots are seen in black colors or different shades of brown. The benefit of this coloring is that it is versatile, making the shoes a perfect match for most outfits.

However, there are other colors available such as pinks, purples and more for those ladies who want to add some extra flair to their shoe.

Cowboy Style

You don’t need to know how to lasso a horse or live on a ranch in order to rock this classic style. When seeking a cowboy style steel toe boot, look for brands which feature comfortable insole and chic embroidery to add some flair to your footwear. Many cowboy style steel toe boots also feature wedged heels to add an extra piece of femininity.

Cowboy style boots in particular tend to feature intricate stitching around the fabric that appeal to fashion savvy consumers.

As with other steel toe boots, be sure to also note the types of materials used that ensure optimal stability, durability and comfort.

Logger Boots

Who ever said working hard can’t look good? Sturdy logger style boots are gorgeous while also offering optimal protection and longevity. These boots often come in shades of soft browns and are versatile enough to be paired with multiple outfits.

This style also features delicate laces that line the tongue of the shoe in order to ensure a snug fit. Logger styles of women steel toe shoes often feature extra layers and insulation to keep your feet warm no matter what the temperature.

Additionally, many of these types of shoes are coated in special materials that are water repellant, so your shoes will stay spectacular even if you find yourself dashing through a sudden downpour.

Safety Toe Work Boots

Men aren’t the only ones who can rock a good pair of work boots. Womens steel toe shoes that tend to be geared specifically for work or outdoor activities are made to be tough, durable while also looking and feeling great. These steal toe shoes are bathed in protective materials and heavenly colors like dark mocha.

When shopping for these shoes, look for one that features moisture-channeling space mesh comfort lining as well as an integral anti-microbial. This keeps feet warm and comfortable while also allowing breathing room to prevent sweat and bacteria, so your feet look great even after a long trek.

Steel Toe Shoes for the Ultimate Girly Girl

There are plenty of styles of steel toe shoes that can have the functionality of work boots while also allowing you to be “pretty in pink”.

When shopping for a brand, keep an eye out for those that feature pink trims and embroidered designs, which offer the perfect marriage of fashion and function.

Some steel toe shoes forego a simple trim in favor of having the entire material bathed in powdery pink hues, along with contrasting pink laces.

Don’t let the ladylike aesthetic of these styles fool you–regardless of the color or style, steel toe shoes maintain their reputation for being a tough-as-nails work shoe, worthy of facing any type of strain or environmental damage throughout the day.